Ness Botanic Gardens

monkey puzzle

January 2013: monkey puzzle at Ness in the snow

Ness Botanic Gardens are on the Wirral, set on the east of the peninsula overlooking the Dee estuary. They have a fantastic collection of trees, shrubs and plants here, from all over the world, many of which were collected from the wild. They have a large number of unusual trees, and largest UK collection of sorbus and most of the 49 known species of birch.

They have a single monkey puzzle which dominates the corner of the lawn by the herbaceous borders. It’s an unusual form, retaining its lower branches, rather than the typical tiered branches – but no-one knows why it grows in this way. This tree is male.

For any plant lover Ness is worth a visit in any season, it’s small enough to explore in one visit. They also have an illustrated tree trail which you can follow – you can download it here.

Ness Botanic Gardens website is here.

monkey puzzle

July 2012: exploring Ness Botanic Gardens with a group from Liverpool

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