Monkey puzzle clusters

It’s a theory I’ve been reflecting on for some time now. Monkey puzzle clusters.


Tithebarn Road, Knowsley

What’s that then? Well, as I drive around with my work, often finding myself in new areas of Liverpool or Wirral, or ramble around with Ronnie on our fairly regular Saturday rambles, I will always be on the look out for monkey puzzle trees. These are then duly noted, and either recorded at the time, or I will revisit them. On thing I’ve noticed, is that once you see one monkey puzzle, you often see another one nearby.

Take this road for example. This is Tithebarn Road in Knowsley village. Me and Ronnie were there in January, exploring. Just because it’s there and we’ve never been there. An attractive road with sandstone houses on one side, just up from a lovely old church.

Knowsley church

Graveyard of St Mary C of E Parish Church, in Knowsley.

This was a splendid roam around north Liverpool – Knowsley was only one stop, we also went to Homebaked, West Derby Road, Croxteth Hall (yes and found a monkey puzzle there), and Home and Bargain – we know how to enjoy ourselves! You can see more about the ramble here from Ronnie.

Anyway, back to Tithebarn Road, and as we drive up it I notice a monkey puzzle tree in the garden of a house (which also happens to be for sale).

Could be yours if you buy the house...

Could be yours if you buy the house…

A fairly small specimen, but very attractive.



And looking quite dramatic in the late January afternoon, and like nothing else. Just like monkey puzzles do. Lovely.

Across the road, someone has obviously admired this tree, and decided to plant their own.


Yes, a baby monkey puzzle.

Yes, a baby monkey puzzle.

Obviously it’s going to be some time before this reaches the splendour of its relative over the road, but it’s been given a suitable prominent ‘centre of front garden’ position, as they often are. It’s nice to see such enthusiasm.

And then, further up the road, a little bit later on, as the day is slipping away, we spot another one….

It's behind a gate...

It’s behind a gate…

This one is just visible tucked into the front garden with a high wall and a locked gate.

I wondered, as I have wondered before. Do people see a monkey puzzle tree, and think, ‘Oh I like that I think I’ll plant one too.’

It just seems to me that monkey puzzles often occur in clusters you see. That’s my theory anyway.


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