Jeff’s monkey

When I started this blog last year, one of the places I’d noticed that there were several monkey puzzle trees (and yes I will be featuring them very soon), in Allerton Cemetery here in south Liverpool. I’ve since noticed monkey puzzles in other cemeteries and gardens of rest and wondered if they have any link to those places… I don’t have an answer yet. Anyway, whilst doing my research at Allerton Cemetery I got in touch with Jeff Jones, who lives in Hereford but is from Liverpool. He has a website that contains information about Allerton Cemetery to help people with their family history research. You can find that here (follow the link under ‘My web sites’).

Jeff was the first person to send me one of his own sightings of a monkey puzzle – in Queenswood, which I featured here. And he recently sent me the very interesting photo of the monkey puzzle in the Elan Valley.

Jeff has recently acquired his own ‘monkey’ and here’s a photograph and a description from Jeff:

Jeff's monkey

Jeff’s monkey

Jeff says:

‘The first monkey puzzle tree I remember seeing was in Otterspool Park in Liverpool when I was a boy. I’m not sure what struck me most – its rarity or the shape which was unlike any other tree I’d seen. Since then I’ve always been pleased to see one. Sarah’s interest in the trees at Allerton Cemetery has rekindled my interest and I am now the proud owner of my own, bought from a garden centre in Gloucestershire last week. It’s only small and I have put it in a pot, at least for now, which I hope will be suitable for it.’

I have looked for the monkey puzzle tree Jeff remembers at Otterspool Park, but didn’t find one. I spoke to a man there who was doing woodland management, and he said he’d never seen a monkey puzzle tree… so it must be no longer with us.

Anyway, we hope that Jeff’s monkey will thrive happily in Hereford and look forward to seeing it grow. Thanks Jeff.

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