Queens Drive cluster

Yes, it’s my theory again. Monkey puzzle clusters. This one is around Queens Drive in north Liverpool.

Approaching Queens Drive from Anfield.

Approaching Queens Drive from Anfield.

Here’s one of my regular drives, on a lovely early March spring-like afternoon. It’s the approach to Queens Drive from Anfield, I’m coming back from Anfield crematorium. Queens Drive has become one of my regular routes as I drive up to north Liverpool for my work which often takes me up Bootle, Waterloo, Crosby and around.

And so I often stop at the junction of Townsend Avenue, where I see this. A monkey puzzle tree.

Monkey puzzle just visit to the right of red traffic light. Yes I am driving. Not recommended.

Monkey puzzle just visible to the right of red traffic light in the centre of the photo. Yes I am driving, even though lights are red, this is not recommended.

Today, I have decided to give myself the luxury of some time to explore the ‘Queens Drive cluster’ as I have been calling this particular collection of monkey puzzles. I’ll call this one ‘Number One’. Here’s the map:

queens dr mpmap

‘Number One’ is by far the largest of these four monkey puzzles.

Number one.

Number One.

This tree looks pretty old, I’m not an expert, but I’d say around 70 years old? It looks to me that it has had it’s crown removed, the top has been cut off, so it has a sort of flat top shape.


But as you can see it’s taller than the house, so probably over 30 feet tall.


And I think it’s a female tree – judging by the globular brown cones (will be from last year).

So, that’s my regular ‘Number One’ tree on Queens Drive. Thank you for brightening up many an early morning drive to Anfield crematorium.

Number Two.

Number Two.

‘Number Two’ is this very elegant specimen which I spotted after I’d had the ‘cluster’ theory. After seeing that large ‘Number One’ I thought, ‘There must be others round here. The petrol station up on the right of this picture is on Queens Drive, so I spotted this one just driving by whilst not paying attention to the road ahead but looking down side roads near ‘Number One’. This one lives in Sandy Lane.


‘Number Two’ photographed through the car window, I’d already got out and photographed but was getting a strange look from locals.


Number Two.

‘Number Three’ lives just over the other side of Queens Drive, in Tollerton Avenue, off Three But Lane.


Number Three.

Looks to be of a similar age to ‘Number Two’. A very fine tree indeed. These three trees are definitely, to my mind, a ‘monkey puzzle cluster’. All good.

There is a fourth tree nearby, although I’m not sure if it’s part of this cluster, or perhaps from another one. Anyway, this next one is much smaller and I spotted it whilst driving along Cherry Lane. It’s in this road – Crosgrove Road.

Crosgrove Road, off Cherry Lane.

Crosgrove Road, off Cherry Lane.

Number Four.

Number Four.

Sadly, on closer observation, ‘Number Four’ looks very brown, and it might well have died. It’s obviously well-loved by its owners, the garden is very well attended to. The last few winters here have been particularly cold and snowy so perhaps this just hasn’t been able to survive?

So, there you have it. A monkey puzzle cluster. I think the theory might have legs.

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