Mapping north Liverpool

I have observed that monkey puzzle trees often seem to occur in ‘clusters’… so you see one, and nearby you’ll find another. This is not always the case, but I have found a couple of clusters around Liverpool.

There’s one in Knowsley village which I wrote about here.

And one around Queens Drive in north Liverpool, where I had observed four trees in close proximity. You can see them here.

Also on the map below, which is the current state of monkey mapping in north Liverpool, there’s one at Croxteth Country Park, and I’ll include a photo of that one here as well.

Monkey map of North Liverpool.

Monkey map of north Liverpool, April 2014.

First – the Queens Drive cluster. Whilst driving along Queens Drive (which I often am), I then spotted a fifth member of this group. A rather shy specimen as you’ll see from the photographs.

L5, Queens Drive, April 2014.

L5, Queens Drive, April 2014.

Yes, it’s easy to see how I missed this one – it’s just visible to the left behind the white blossom and the other conifer (an ungainly Leylandi).


L5, from the back of the garden.


L5, in a well looked after garden.



As readers to my blog will have noticed, I’m now using a cataloguing system – so Liverpool monkeys are all L and a number (Hereford are H and a number), and they are being numbered in the order that they are spotted. Completely unscientific I know, but it means I am beginning to compile a ‘monkey puzzle map’ of the world… well, perhaps just Liverpool and Hereford for now!

And to finish – here’s L6, the Croxteth Hall monkey. I would have expected a grand house like Croxteth Hall to have a splendid monkey… perhaps it once did? But now, it has a small specimen, tucked away next to the wall going into the stable block, which is a café. Me and Ronnie came across this one on one of our ‘Saturday rambles’ which took in Anfield, West Derby and a shop at Home and Bargains in Gilmoss (well worth a visit), his post of the day is here. And here’s the monkey, or L6 as it’s now known:

Croxteth Hall monkey, L6, March 2014.

Croxteth Hall monkey, L6, January 2014.

L6, close up of cones.

L6, close up of cones. A male tree.

So, that’s where we’re up to in this part of north Liverpool. We’re off to south Liverpool next for some real gems.


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