Mapping south Liverpool

Building up quite a catalogue of monkeys in Liverpool now. In a previous post I’ve included a map of the monkeys found in north Liverpool here – numbers L1 to L9 on my cataloguing system.

And here’s where I’m up to with south Liverpool.

Liv South3

Previously featured L10 at Allerton Towers is a lovely monkey here. And as you can see the lovely collection of monkeys at Allerton Cemetery have substantially added to the numbers (L22-L34), and the younger ones at Speke Hall (L11-L18), but there are some other gems in south Liverpool as well.

Here we have the ‘Long Lane monkey’, or L19.


Long Lane monkey, L19, April 2014.

This was one of the first monkeys I noticed in Liverpool sometime last year, when I got off the bus near here. I wasn’t the only one who noticed it either. Jeff Jones sent me this photograph:

Spotted! By Jeff Jones, March 2014.

Spotted! By Jeff Jones, April 2014.

This is a lovely fairly young monkey, I wondered if its owners had been inspired by the monkeys in nearby Allerton Cemetery, which I featured here, and decided to have their own? Anyway the current owners of this monkey are also, I noticed, Ford Capri collectors as well.

Yes, monkey and two Capris.

Yes, monkey and two Ford Capris.

And the final south Liverpool monkey, for now, is this lovely specimen down on Riverside Drive. It’s just off the roundabout by the Garden Festival site at the corner of Camellia Court.


L21, April 2014.

I wondered at first if it might have been a monkey planted for the Garden Festival in 1984, but that would mean it was only 30 years old, and I would say this is an older tree. A lovely tree indeed.

And so that’s it for now from south Liverpool. Lots more monkeys on their way, I’m sure I’ve not exhausted south Liverpool yet – and if you know of any monkeys please let me know!


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