Monkeys in the USA

My friend from Texas, Agent G, has found the first US monkey! No, this isn’t in Texas, but in New York state… my wise friend is an ace researcher and has turned up this one on Google Maps. Agent G says, ‘I had NEVER seen one in person and never even heard of them until you started this blog.’

More proof that monkeys thrive in suburbs… look at this!


NY 1

This is the location of this tree.



On this website, it tells me that the tree can grow in North America along the coastal zone from coastal Virginia, down the Atlantic, west through Texas and up the Pacific coast to Washington. This is zones 7 to 10 in hardiness – as indicated on this map.


So… perhaps this really will turn into a monkey puzzle map of the world! And perhaps now Agent G has been introduced to monkeys, this will be the start of a whole community of monkeys spotted in Texas? Let’s see.

If you have any monkeys where you live, why not tell me about them and send a photo. You can use the Contact page on this site.


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