Liverpool monkeys in Hale

Agent Jeff, although based in Hereford, is an active and enthusiastic monkey hunter. He’s sent me plenty of monkeys from his home town of Hereford and around, including the Elan valley. He’s also sent me CH monkeys and a fair number of L monkeys too, including the wonderful clutch just up the road at Speke Hall. He’s surpassed himself on one of his latest hunting trips and produced a true cluster – in Hale village.

I knew Hale was near the edge of the Liverpool border – in postcode terms – so when I received Jeff”s photographs to catalogue I had to check on my postcode map to see what letter they would need to be referenced with. They are definitely ‘L’ monkeys, the postcode is L24. However, when I looked up Hale on Wikipedia I see that although it is a ‘Post town’ of Liverpool, its ‘Ceremonial county’ (whatever that is*) is Cheshire.

*From Wikipedia: The ceremonial counties of England are areas to which a Lord Lieutenant is appointed. Legally they are defined by the Lieutenancies Act 1997 as counties and areas for the purposes of the lieutenancies in Great Britain in contrast to the areas used for local government.


So the main thing that I think this means, for me, is that Hale never feels like Liverpool. We have, on occasion, walked through Hale as it is close to the shore of the Mersey and there is a circular walk around Hale, Oglet and near neighbour Speke, that starts from the village. Down on the shore it’s a strange and haunting place, eerily beautiful.

December 2010, the shore at Hale looking across to the oil refinery.

December 2010, the shore at Hale looking across to the oil refinery at Stanlow.

And we are on the very edge of residential properties here and surrounded by farmland.

December 2010, Hale, from the end of Church Road.

December 2010, Hale, from the end of Church Road.

We are also just along the river from the airport, and so you will often have the sensation of being right underneath an aeroplane.

Apr12_Hale plane

April 2012, Easyjet plane coming in to land.

And yet, as I have observed elsewhere, being on the edge of such wildness, the homes that are here are often very manicured and tamed. And Church Road is no exception.

L54. Church Road, Hale.

L54. Church Road, Hale.

A brick and railing property boundary, and a lawn, and a small hedge. Yes, we are in deep in suburbia. And in the same road…

L55. Church Road, Hale. Obviously inspired by L54.

L55. Church Road, Hale. Possibly inspired by L54?

And just up the road in the centre of Hale village…

L54. Church End, Hale.

L53. Church End, Hale.

That now classic ‘bungalow and monkey’ shot. Not quite sure what the flag situation is… Jeff says it looked like a St George’s cross?

L52. Town Lane, Hale.

L52. Town Lane, Hale.

Another bungalow. I wonder if this one was the inspiration for the other three? The original Hale monkey perhaps?

So, thanks again to Agent Jeff… we are in dangerous territory here, the suburbs and so I’m glad to see he made it home safely to Hereford and was able to send me the important field data. Thanks Jeff!





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