PR2 with huge cones

As I was browsing through my photo library looking for photographs of Hale for the previous post, I came across a wonderful monkey. I photographed this in August 2012, not for any particular reason, other than I thought it was a lovely tree.


Botanic Road, Churchtown. PR2.

I found this tree when me and Ronnie were doing our then regular ‘Friday walks’. This particular Friday we went to see what’s north of Southport. And so here we found charming Churchtown, with a street of thatched cottages, a lovely secondhand china shop, a small community garden, a church and a botanic garden – called Southport Botanic Gardens. If you’re interested in seeing more of Churchtown, Ronnie wrote about our walk on his blog here.

Churchtown Botanic Gardens.

Southport Botanic Gardens – in Churchtown.

Now, this is not a botanic garden to rival say, Kew, but it is quite charming, if a little down at heel. One of its charms is the grotto and fernery, which is a perfect Victorian example of collecting… which of course I admire very much!

Grotto and fernery at Churchtown Botanic Gardens.

Grotto and fernery at Churchtown Botanic Gardens.

Sadly this building has been closed the last couple of times we visited, I hope it is a temporary closure, it would be shame to lose such an English example of gardening.

The botanic garden itself doesn’t have a monkey, but it does have a ginkgo tree, as well as a lovely lake with ducks and a play area for children. And it’s free entry. (Update – I confidently stated here that there is no monkey, I was wrong. There is a monkey here – PR8 – and you can see it here.)

So one of the things that I particularly noticed about the Churchtown monkey – or PR2 (yes we are in Preston postcode territory) – is the size of its cones. They are enormous.

PR2. Female. Cones, August 2012.

PR2. Female. Cones, August 2012.

And for those of you who are counting, this is the 97th monkey to be catalogued on this site. You can see the full list on ‘The catalogue‘ page. And I’ll leave you with another photograph of this splendid monkey.

PR2. Splendid.

PR2. Splendid.


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