Birkdale beginnings

This week I found myself driving home from Southport and decided to take the road south through Birkdale instead of the road that by-passes it. I know that Southport and the area around it is and has been wealthy, so it’s ripe for some monkeys. Wikipedia tells me that Birkdale is ‘a wealthy area featuring many Edwardian and Victorian houses.’ Perfect.

I am not disappointed. Just on the main road I spot one.

PR4. On the A565 Birkdale.

PR4. On the A565 Birkdale.

This photo makes it look like it’s in front of that detached two storey house, but it is in fact a bungalow monkey.



I’m just getting back into my car, and I notice its neighbour.

PR3. Yes a back garden monkey.

Yes the side of the garage does look a bit blurry… that’s because I have edited out the person who was giving me a funny look as I stood there with my camera. In some places people don’t like seeing strangers with a camera…. so, I’m not sure if the monkey is in his back garden or the one next door. They’re pretty big houses so it’s hard to get a sense of place from this angle. Anyway, I grabbed another quick photo and jumped back in the car. And drove safely back to Liverpool. But at least the PR catalogue has now doubled, and contains four catalogued monkeys.



So, although I only spotted two monkeys here today, I’m sure there’ll be more, so this is the beginning of exploring Birkdale.

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