Hereford hits 22

Yes, Agent Jeff is indefatigable… emails from him pop up almost daily with his latest sightings. And, I’m very grateful to him for his enthusiasm in sharing any monkey he finds.

Who knew Hereford would turn out to be so rich in monkeys! There are now 22 in total. Here’s the latest map.

HR wider map_may14

And don’t forget the catalogues of postcode referenced monkeys are now listed on their own pages under the new page: ‘The catalogue‘. And you can find the HR monkeys listed here.

First here’s a monkey actually very near to where Jeff lives in Bartestree. Jeff nicknamed it the ‘Bartestreetree’. It’s HR20.

Hopton Close

Hopton Close, Bartestree. HR20.

And a very fine tree it is as well. Just starting to produce cones, looks like a female.

Oak, in Barsetree.

Oak tree 1, in Bartestree.

In the same estate are several very mature trees – two oaks that Jeff has photographed.

Oak 2. Barsetree.

Oak tree 2. Bartestree. And behind it to the left a conifer – probably a hybrid Cypress.

Seeing these photographs with the trees towering above the houses made me – again – realise how important trees are to our landscapes. They improve any landscape and here greatly improve this housing estate – in my opinion. Oaks in particular are great British trees, and support a huge range of wildlife and insects. From memory I recall that they support up to 400 species… but I don’t know where I got that figure from. A lot of wildlife species anyway.

Hinton Road, where? HR21.

Hinton Road, Hereford. HR21.

And Jeff has been back to Holme Lacy where he found this monster of a tree – claimed to be 250 years old by the hotel which it is in the grounds of – see it here. He’s found a baby also at Holme Lacy – perhaps inspired by the big tree?

Church Road, Holme Lacy. HR22.

Church Road, Holme Lacy. HR22.

And Jeff also went back to Holme Lacy House with the ancient and huge monster of a monkey – HR19.



HR19. A monster indeed.

HR19. A monster indeed.

So, well done Jeff for continued monkey hunting in Herefordshire and beyond.

Could you become an agent in your own area? It’s all done voluntarily and helps create monkey puzzle map of the world! Interested? Do get in touch – here.



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