Well done Agent Jeff!

I have to say I am delighted to have been enthusiastically joined in my monkey puzzle spottings by Agent Jeff in Hereford. Jeff is pushing the boundaries for us and has recently explored new territory – WR. Yes, another postcode area has been opened!

Agent Jeff lives in Bartestree, to the east of Hereford, although is from Liverpool, and is building an excellent HR catalogue. He travels further afield with his work as an agent, and has spotted a monkey in darkest Powys in the Elan Valley, several near Chester, including this monster at Milton Greena clutch in Wigan, and a good few in Liverpool too, including eight at Speke Hall and his brave expedition to Hale village.

In his local area Jeff has collected 22 HR monkeys – 16 in and around the town, others at Holme Lacy, Hoarwithy, Queenswood arboretum, Dilwyn, and Bartestree where he lives. He’s even got his own monkey. He’s recently moved eastwards from his home ground and spotted five in the Malvern area, and ‘at least five’ around Bromyard. Here’s Jeff’s local findings mapped out:


Agent Jeff's hunting ground.

Agent Jeff’s hunting ground.

Thanks to Jeff’s stirling work, I have now officially opened the WR catalogue.

WR postcode map

Jeff’s latest finds are in the Malvern area. This area developed following Malvern’s development into a spa town in the 1800s. Malvern is famous for its water which is acclaimed for its purity. A train link from Worcester to Malvern Wells opened in 1859, making it very accessible. Hopefully we’ve found a good monkey area here.

Here’s Jeff’s finds. First, this one, which Jeff thinks is ‘ugly’. Hmmm. Not sure about that myself….. perhaps just a little untidy?

WR1. Welcome to Worcestershire.

WR1. Welcome to Worcestershire. Wells Road, Malvern.

Certainly it is a big straggly, the lower branches are going brown, as they often do on older monkeys, prior to dropping off. Perhaps this monkey could do with a bit of tree work to neaten it up a bit? It’s certainly not dead as you can see new cones on the upper branches – looks like a female – and has the honour of being the first tree in WR.

WR1, Wells Road, Malvern.

WR1, Wells Road, Malvern.

Jeff also spotted another tree just round the corner in Hanley Road.

WR2, Hanley Road, Malvern.

WR2, Hanley Road, Malvern.

Jeff will be making further expeditions to Malvern and Bromyard and we’ll report his findings here. Jeff has even written and performed a song about monkeys – you can listen and watch that here. Good work Agent Jeff!

Remember, you too can be a monkey agent. No special equipment required other than opening your eyes and keeping them peeled for monkeys – a camera and map location. Or, as you can see, you can often find the larger trees on Google maps. Songwriting optional. We look forward to welcoming you to the monkey team! You can get in touch using the Contact page.


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