Great Malvern, great monkeys

Agent Jeff’s latest discovery of monkeys is very rich. He’s found a new hunting ground in Worcestershire. I reported the first two trees in Malvern Wells here, and these are the next three in the WR catalogue. Here’s the Malvern map:

Malvern map

Interestingly the five trees that Jeff has found here in the Malvern area are all large, old trees. I would say they are probably all at least 100 years old, and probably older… meaning they were almost certainly planted in the late 1800s, which is ‘classic’ Victorian era planting. As Malvern had developed as a spa town and fashionable resort following the arrival of trains to the area, no doubt wealthy Victorians wanted to appear to have the latest ‘fashionable’ tree.

Here they are:


WR3 – in the centre of the photo.

This is a perfectly charming photograph showing the monkey in the centre behind those lovely rooves with tall chimneys and an expanse of English countryside beyond. A quintessential English scene complete with ivy-clad stone wall in foreground. Jeff tells me this monkey is visible as you leave the Waitrose car park and is on Graham Road.

The next one is also in Graham Road.

WR4. Graham Road/Edith Walk, Great Malvern.

WR4. Graham Road/Edith Walk, Great Malvern.

‘A lovely tree,’ commented Jeff. And indeed it is.


WR4. Looks like a female.



And just across the B4211, on the corner of Avenue Road and Priory Road:



So Agent Jeff has been hard at work here, relentlessly tracking down monkeys. Well done again to Agent Jeff!



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