NE catalogue opens

Well it’s always a good day when a new monkey turns up, but especially so when it’s a new postcode area. Thanks to @JaneSoup on Twitter who tipped me the wink with this one. Good work Agent Jane! I should add that Agent Jane also tipped me off about the wonderful monkey in Flaybrick Cemetery – which is featured here.

This is her latest find:


NE1, Reid Park Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE2.

Yes, confusingly this lovely specimen lives in NE2, which is the postcode area for Jesmond, a leafy suburb just north of the centre of Newcastle – but in cataloguing monkey terms it is the first monkey in the ‘NE’ area, so this monkey is NE1.

I’ve now got monkeys representing 13 postcode areas across the UK – you can see the catalogue here. Whilst it’s fair to say that this is heavily weighted to Liverpool (L), Wirral (CH) and Hereford (HR), it’s the beginning of national representation. Here’s where the NE area covers:

NE postcode area

This monkey – NE1 – is the furthest north monkey so far. When I was up in Northumbria recently – on a walking holiday, reported on Ronnie’s blog here – I was keeping my eyes peeled (as I always do of course) for monkeys. I spotted one from the train south of Morpeth, which is just north of Whitley Bay, and also one from the bus in Belford, near Lindisfarne – both quite small trees, and both out of camera range so haven’t been formally catalogued.

So, I’m delighted to be opening up the NE catalogue. Thanks Agent Jane. And don’t forget – where there’s one monkey there’s often others… so keep your eyes peeled!

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