“We’ll look.”

Recognising that it’s going to take more than two of us to map the world’s monkey puzzle trees, Agent Jeff and I have been reaching out and asking others if they will help us hunt for monkeys.

I was delighted to receive the first NE monkey, in Jesmond, featured here, and Jeff has sent over another first – this one was spotted near Shifnal, a village in Shropshire, by a secret agent. (Note, all agents have the option to remain anonymous).

TF1, near Shifnal in Shropshire.

TF1, near Shifnal in Shropshire.

This fine monkey is near a cottage called Rose Cottage on the Shifnal Road, Telford. And yes this is in Shropshire, but for cataloguing purposes it’s in postcode area TF, for Telford.

Shifnal is

Shifnal is about three miles to the east of Telford.

I’ve also had an enthusiastic response from friends over in Washington in Northwest USA. As you may know from the US hardiness map that I featured on my first US monkey post – here – in the US monkey puzzles can be found all the way up the Pacific coast. (And also in coastal Virginia and in Texas, and Agent G found one in NY state).

I was sent a link to this gardening blog – called the Intercontinental Gardener – and the author writes of her gardening experiences in various countries and places, including Seattle. She spotted two lovely monkeys in front of a house in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. They frame the main entrance of an early 20th century Arts and Crafts style building – unusual to see two like this. You can see the post, and photograph, here.

My Washington contact also tells me that the University of Washington, in Seattle, mentions monkey puzzles on campus… and sure enough they have a Tree Tour – and number 41 is a monkey on the front lawn of Denny Hall. You can see it here. They call it the ‘most memorable of all the campus trees’. They also say it is common in the Northwest (but rare elsewhere in the US) – so hopefully this will be the start of another cluster.

In response to this blog, other contacts have said, ‘We’ll look.’ So, eyes being peeled and looking forward to reporting more monkey findings from your part of the world.


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