Municipal monkeys

Glad to report some enthusiastic support for the blog. My partner Ronnie was off to Leeds this week to bring some of his passion for the city of Liverpool to the people of Leeds introducing the Liverpool film ‘Of Time and the City’. I hadn’t imagined he would also come back with both an LP (yes found the record shops on The Headrow), and ….. not one, but three monkeys! Well done Agent Ronnie.

Arriving in Leeds on Tuesday afternoon, before making their way to the Hyde Park Picture House, Ronnie and his guide immediately set off for an urban walk around inner Leeds. And Ronnie spotted these:

A trio of municipal monkeys, in Leeds.

A trio of municipal monkeys, in Leeds. LS1, LS2 and LS3.

Of course, by now, Ronnie knows the drill, so his camera was immediately pressed into action and the location duly noted. A municipal planting, the nearest building is 29 Eastgate. Explaining to Ronnie’s bemused host in Leeds why he was photographing the trees (for this blog), he received the response that it was ‘rare to come up against such English eccentricity.’ I’ll take that as a compliment then.

Here’s the monkeys’ location:

Leeds centre map1

And so, another postcode area joins the catalogue – LS.

LS postcode

Now, you might not immediately be able to tell that is a trio of trees… even Ronnie (a non-gardener) commented to me that they are planted far too close together. The taller one seems to be doing OK, but the other two are tangled together

Leeds monkeys.

Leeds monkeys. A tangle.

In the fading afternoon light.

In the fading afternoon light.

Ronnie diligently returns the next morning to get some more photographs.


The Leeds trio.

Clearly see the three here.

You can clearly see the three here. The tallest is a female, just producing cones.

And this one...

And this one…

Well, this little one would obviously would like more space to flourish, and Ronnie said had he the time, tools and space on the train he would have rescued this one and brought it to Plot 44. Thank you for the kind thought Ronnie, and good work with the monkey hunting.

And there must be more monkeys in Leeds. So, if you know of any, please let me know. You can get in touch through the Contact page, or on Twitter. @sarah_horton1




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