Mopping up the Mersey monkeys

Yes, we like titles with ‘M’ in them… and you know how it is but every now and then you’ve got a few monkeys that need to be seen but aren’t part of a big cluster (at least not yet), or not even big trees. And so we have a couple of monkeys here from the L and CH catalogues. After all, all monkeys deserve their day in the sun!

First up, it’s this little monkey spotted near Bromborough Rake station over on the Wirral.



Yes, it’s not flourishing particularly well this particular monkey. Juvenile monkeys usually keep their lower branches and often lose them as they mature. But this youngster hasn’t followed that pattern and looks a little bit ‘bald’ I think. But it’s a monkey so deserves a place here. Bit of a disappointment to follwo CH15, the marvellous specimen at Flaybrick Cemetery – here. Anyway, as you can see from the map, it’s in new monkey country that hasn’t been fully explored, so who knows, there may be more in that area…

Wirral south1 june

Back over on ‘our’ side of the water, another monkey spotted on my travels to Roby near Huyton.

L65. Pilch Lane East, Roby.

L65. Pilch Lane East, Roby.

This lovely little monkey has been given plenty of space in a very traditional ‘middle of the lawn’ position and is doing very well.



And I hope that one day someone will catalogue this lovely monkey when it’s bigger than the house. And this monkey is also in new monkey country, so may well be part of a yet undiscovered cluster around Pilch Lane and Huyton.

Liv North 1 jun

So, there we have monkey hunting opportunities over in Bebington and Bromborough on the Wirral, and around the Roby and Huyton areas of Liverpool. Keep your eyes peeled!



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