Clitheroe continued

Having come to Clitheroe for the splendid monkey at the castle it was no surprise to have found some others.

I was told about the next one by some lovely women in the knitting shop on Moor Lane, the main shopping road in Clitheroe. I’d noticed this splendid looking wool shop as we drove in – and even though I have a large wool stash (well you can never have enough if you’re a knitter), knew that I’d be going in. It’s the marvellous Pendle Stitches. The welcoming owner, Liz, was immediately chatty and we fell into conversation with the other women who were in there knitting. It’s lovely to see an independent yarn shop and what a difference from the limited selection that’s available from John Lewis. In fact it turns out that Clitheroe is something of a ‘habbi capital of the North’ with another wool shop in the same street and a fabulous fabric, craft, haberdashery and bead shop – Patches and Buttons – as well. Marvellous.

Pendle Stitches in Clitheroe.

Pendle Stitches in Clitheroe.

Back to Pendle Stitches – in our conversation I told my new yarn friends the reason for coming to Clitheroe – this monkey blog, which they thought was wonderful. I then heard the following phrase, which I am coming to love: ‘I know where there’s a good monkey.’ And they told me about a monkey tree up on the Pendle Road which is adorned with monkeys. Yes really. They said the owner loves to change the display of monkeys for seasonal events like Christmas and Halloween… and even a while back someone stole her monkeys (yes, shocking) and it was in the papers. She never got the original monkeys back, but someone sent her replacement monkeys, so although she was reluctant at first, she has now started putting monkeys on display again.

‘I have to see this!’

And so here is BB2, the Pendle Road monkey. With monkey.


BB2, Pendle Road, Clitheroe.

BB2's monkey.

BB2’s monkey.

Well, that topped off the day nicely! We’ve had a lovely time in Clitheroe and some of the nicest scones in the world (opposite Pendle Stitches at Callooh! Callay!):

Scones at Callooh! Callay! Highly recommended.

Scones at Callooh! Callay! Highly recommended.

So we’re ready to head for home. By now, the afternoon has turned a bit grey and my navigational skills don’t seem to be working very well and we find ourselves passing the Clitheroe Cricket, Bowling and Tennis club (yes wrong direction to Liverpool) – where they are in fact playing cricket. Although as we pass, Ronnie says he’s thinks it’s borderline ‘bad light’. Minutes later, I spot this.


BB3, Chatburn Road, Clitheroe.

Yes, not the best light for photographing monkeys, but here it is. Quickly taken photograph as owners were visible in sitting room.



And that wasn’t all… there’s another one. We actually spotted this on our way to Clitheroe, which resulted in a three point turn on an A road… well done Ronnie. Worth it though. This is the lovely BB4.

BB4. Park Head Whalley.

BB4. Park Head, Whalley.

BB4 in very nicely maintained garden.

BB4 in very nicely maintained garden.

So this was a good day – four monkeys and some new friends in Clitheroe. Here’s the map of BB, am sure there must be more and if you know of any, please let me know!

BB map 1 june

And a final look at BB4, monkeys always looking its best in good light.






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