Deepest Berkshire

Another bit of new territory hunting – again by Agent Jeff. He’s indefatigable! We’re in deepest Berkshire now, where Jeff found himself visiting his daughter, and of course, looking for monkeys.

Reading postcode

These  two are south of Reading, Jeff’s daughter spotted both of these.

RG Reading7June

First here’s RG1, which appears to have ‘two trunks’:

RG1, Marefield, near Earley.

RG1, Marefield, near Earley.



RG1. Two trunks?

RG1. Two trunks?

This appearance of ‘two trunks’ is caused by the smaller upright which is a ‘sucker’. A sucker is a basal shoot that grows from the base, or roots, of a tree. Some trees are more prone to doing this than others. I have seen other monkey puzzles do this – for example one of the trees at Allerton Cemetery has a couple of quiet large suckers. You can see the whole post here, but this is the tree with the suckers:

Lxx - on the left, two suckers visible growing from base.

L30 at Allerton Cemetery – on the left, two suckers visible growing from base.

I have to confess that I ‘stole’ a couple of very small suckers from a monkey puzzle tree in Cumbria (not one that I’ve returned to yet to feature here), but unfortunately I didn’t have any luck in growing them into my own tree. I don’t know if you can propagate a tree from these type of suckers, or if they are just a vegetative form of reproduction that will grow in situ, ie they will eventually form a cluster of trees. In fact, this tree in Allerton and the one Jeff has seen in Berkshire are the only two trees I’ve seen with large suckers like this.

And coming back to RG, there’s another monkey in Berkeley Avenue, which Jeff didn’t have time to visit in person, so he’s sent a Google map image:

RG2, Berkeley Avenue, Reading.

RG2, Berkeley Avenue, Reading.

And, as we know from other areas, when you find a couple of monkeys… there’s always more! So the message to all budding RG agents – keep your eyes peeled!





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