Newent, and Joe Meek

I enjoy nothing more than a bit of ‘wet play’ and for me that often involves a bit of serious monkey puzzle cataloguing. Yes, I am taking personal pride and responsibility for each and every monkey that comes my way.

Mapping at work.

Mapping at work.

I have a whole clutch of monkeys from Agent Jeff who is doing stirling work. Here’s some more from Agent Jeff’s trip to Newent, which opens up postcode are GL. Well done Agent Jeff! First, here’s the postcode map:

GL postcode

As you can see Newent is just in the top left corner of GL, across the border from Ross-on-Wye. So there’s plenty more of virgin monkey territory to explore!

Here’s Jeff’s findings.



GL1, in the front garden of a house on Tewkesbury Road, the B4215, just north of Newent. Very nice.

GL1, a male.

GL1, a lovely female tree.

Just south of the centre of Newent on Foley Road, is this tree:



This is the sort of sight that gets a monkey hunter’s pulse racing! A tree peeping over a roof. Means it’s a big one…

GL2, and it certainly is a big one.

GL2, and it certainly is a big one.

This is in the garden of Bury Bar House, in Foley Road. And, a probably little known fact I discovered thanks to Wikipedia, is that Foley Road is Europe’s largest cul-de-sac.

GL2. A monster. Lovely.

GL2. A monster. Lovely.

And nearby in Watery Lane, Jeff found this one.



Another tree in a perfect front garden setting, which has now completely outgrown the space its in and towers over the house, and for that reason is just absolutely charming.

GL3, Foley Road, Newent.

GL3, Watery Lane, Newent. A lovely male tree.

But you see, it’s not just monkeys here! In Market Square in Newent itself, Jeff found this.

1 Market Square, Newent.

1 Market Square, Newent.

Yes, it’s a lovely Georgian house. And it’s also where Joe Meek was born.

'The Telstar Man'

‘The Telstar Man’

And here’s a view of this lovely market square, with the old market hall in black and white timber. Newent, a lovely small market town, and the start of our GL catalogue.

Market Square, Newent.

Market Square, Newent. (From Google maps).

GL Newent7June






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