Agent Jeff, the first monkey puzzle devotee I ‘met’ has tirelessly and consistently kept up his monkey hunting activities and honed his hunting to a fine art. Well done Agent Jeff – he now has hunted 31 monkeys in HR, as well as others in CH, WR, LD and WN, and more to follow very soon! This is Jeff’s latest HR find.

HR31, Putson Avenue, Hereford.

HR31, Putson Avenue, Hereford.

As you see this is being hidden away in someone’s back garden and Jeff’s very cleverly got an ‘over the fence’ view. I do personally feel that monkeys deserve a rightful place in front gardens so they can be properly admired!

Anyway, I was wondering why Jeff has been so successful in HR… I wonder if some postcode areas are more prone to monkeys than others? Given our temperate climate I would think monkeys will grow pretty much all over the UK, so I’d like to think we could catalogue monkeys in all postcode areas.

Anyway, Jeff sent me this lovely photograph which might partly explain why monkeys are freely growing in the HR area?

A group photo!

A group photo!

Yes, here we have a lovely selection of monkeys of all different young ages, all for sale.



I’ve only ever once seen a monkey puzzle tree for sale in the Liverpool area – at Buckels Garden Centre in Fazakerly – and didn’t buy one, and have never seen any again. I know you can buy then online, but the attraction of choosing your own monkey feels right to me. Jeff got his monkey here, at 3 Shires Garden Centre, situated about two miles north of Newent in Gloucestershire. Which gives me a cataloguing conundrum… do I catalogue these monkeys as GL? Well, on reflection I decided that no, they are pre-cataloguing stage monkeys, awaiting new homes, and could find their way into any postcode area. Good luck little monkeys and I hope you are well loved. And I wonder if you are the reason why HR abounds with monkeys. Perhaps?


3Shires Garden Centre.






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