A Shropshire first

Greetings from deepest Shropshire. We have a  new monkey hunter – Agent Shane. And we have this.

SY1, Minsterley, Shropshire.

SY1, Minsterley, Shropshire.

Agent Shane who took this photograph said it’s a bit of a local landmark, and the lane next to it is known as Monkey Lane. He’s sent a very precise location for those of you who would like to visit the tree. It’s SJ 37203 04936 in Minsterley on the Leigh Road.

Minsterley map


I had alerted Agent Jeff in nearby Herefordshire about this monkey in case he was in the area. He wasn’t, but he’s found the tree on Google Maps and sent me this image:



A very fine monkey indeed. The nearest monkey we’ve got to this one is over at Shifnal to the east of Telford (far right of the map below) – you can see that one here, it’s TF1 as it’s in a different postcode area. Whilst looking for the Minsterley monkey Agent Jeff also found the distressing news that a nearby monkey in Pulverbatch was under threat.


In the Shrewsbury council minutes of July 2013, an application had been made to fell a monkey, despite the fact that it was protected by a Tree Preservation Order. It was very upsetting to read that the tree was considered to have ‘no arboricultural merit’. I have to disagree!

no arboricultural merit

Despite these comments, the council refused the request – so perhaps this will be our next SY monkey?

And – update a few hours later…. it IS our next SY monkey. Agent Jeff has found it on Google, and here it is:

SY2, Castle Cottage, Pulverbatch.

SY2, Castle Cottage, Pulverbatch.

So, that’s the beginning of our SY catalogue, and many thanks to our newest agent – Agent Shane. Shane describes himself as ‘a native of the Shropshire Hills – the biggest little hills you’ve possibly never heard of’, and posts beautiful images of Shropshire on his website – here.


2 thoughts on “A Shropshire first

  1. I’m honoured to be a “monkey hunter”, it was an enjoyable experience, and nice to find someone with an appreciation of a local landmark, and one that I remember as a child nearly 40 years ago. Thanks for the in depth post, and kind words about my photos. Keep up the good work, and I’ll pass on any others I see. Shane

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