The mistreatment of monkeys

Yes, it’s shocking. People mistreat monkey puzzle trees. How could they do that?

If you’re following the blog you will have read about the Shropshire monkey – featured here – that the ‘owner’ wanted to fell. That upset me. ¬†Fortunately the tree was protected by a Tree Order and the request was refused, but even considering felling a lovely monkey…. that’s just not right.

Anyway, me and Agent Jeff tend to get a bit soft when it comes to monkeys. ‘Ahhhh,’ we’ll sigh when we find another lovely monkey, or ‘Oh, that’s a nice one!’. But recently Agent Jeff has found a couple of monkeys that are, well, frankly, not very attractive. These are both near Mordiford which is about 6km to the west of Hereford.

HR32, Sufton Rise near Mordiford.

HR32, Sufton Rise near Mordiford.

Look at this poor monkey. Being ignominiously treated, with bins shoved around it, and – what’s worse – having had it’s crown cut off. It’s shocking. Despite its poor treatment, you can see this female tree is still producing cones.



And just round the corner from this monkey is another specimen.

HR33, Sufton Lane, near Mordiford.

HR33, Sufton Lane, near Mordiford.

Yes. Sold. Looks like this one has new owners. I don’t know why, but this one is a very spindly tree… it seems like it has enough space and light. Monkeys require a sheltered position in full sun or partial shade, in moist soil that is well-drained. The RHS website tells me that are generally not over-fussy about soil type or acid/alkalinity but require south, west or east aspect… so perhaps this monkey is in a north facing aspect and isn’t getting enough sunlight?



So there we have it – the Mordiford monkeys. Not a great visual addition to our HR catalogue, but still monkeys. Thanks Agent Jeff for exploring Mordiford, here’s the location of the trees:




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