Deep south monkeys

It’s always nice when Agent Jeff has been off roaming the country, as he is a very successful monkey hunter!

He’s been down to Essex and reported back:

“Starting with some Essex success. Driving along the A127 I thought I saw a familiar shape out of the corner of my eye, driving back I failed to see it at all. But thanks to Google maps I have now found it.”

Yes, that’s a very interesting phenomena that I have also observed. You see a monkey driving one direction down a road, and when you drive back to find it – you can’t see it! ‘Visible from one direction only’ phenomena.

So here we have SS1.


SS1. Leigh-on-Sea, Southend.

Yes, we’re into another postcode area now – SS, for Southend-on-Sea. Good work Agent Jeff!

And whilst searching for this tree Jeff came across these notes from a Basildon Council meeting dated 29 July 2008, where another request had been made to remove a monkey. As you’ll have read on the Shropshire post we discovered another tree in Pulverbatch which the owners wanted to fell. It’s shocking. Fortunately – and sensibly – the council refused the request.

But here we have some more shocking treatment of a monkey. This one in Basildon has been served with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), and the Council consider it ‘a prominent feature within the street scene’. Quite right.

SS2 High Road, Basildon. A prominent street

SS2 High Road, Basildon. ‘A prominent feature within the street scene.’

The report also calls the tree ‘of high amenity value’, and I’d agree with that. It’s a lovely specimen. But the property owner (at the time) was at the council meeting, and ‘felt the imposition of a TPO on the tree had contributed to the sale of the property falling through’. Which of course is ridiculous – it positively adds to the attraction of the house!

I’m pleased to report that Agent Jeff has found a photograph of the tree on Google, just recently, so I am assuming the TPO has been enforced and yet another lovely monkey is safe and now catalogued here.



Whilst in the area, Jeff also drove past Priory Park, where there is a small monkey – and you can see a photo of that on Flickr here. The three SS monkeys are located below.

SS and CM

And – in addition – Agent Jeff’s googling revealed yet another two monkeys that were being threatened. It’s positively distressing to see such negative attitudes to these lovely trees. Over in Billericay in neighbouring postcode area CM (for Chelmsford), a planning application for Burstead Ward was made to fell two monkey puzzle trees protected by a TPO.

CM1 and CM2, Tye Common Road, Billericay.

CM1 and CM2, Tye Common Road, Billericay.

Look at this! It’s another ‘front and back garden monkeys’ which I love! How could you consider cutting not one but both of them down?

CM1 and CM2, Tye Common Road Billericay.

CM1 and CM2, Tye Common Road Billericay.

CM1 and CM2.

CM1 and CM2.

Well, the good news is that there are monkey friendly people in the world and the Council’s decision?


Refused. Quite right too.


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