HR progress

Those of you who regularly read this blog (and I know there are some of you out there now!), will be familiar with Agent Jeff. Agent Jeff lives near Hereford and is originally from Liverpool. He’s done a splendid job of monkey hunting, both in his home ground of HR, and further afield around Liverpool, Chester, Powys, Berkshire and recently Southend. He certainly gets about!

Because Jeff and I are the main monkey hunters (at the moment, don’t forget you can join in too!), the catalogues for L (my patch) and HR (Jeff’s patch) are the largest catalogues. L is at 67, but in serious danger of being overtaken by Jeff’s enthusiastic hunting. So, I wanted to review how he’s doing in his ‘home’ territory of HR. Here’s his postcode map:

HR wider POSTCODE map


The HR catalogue is now at 37 – the latest find is reported below. As you can see – Jeff has spotted a good range of monkeys mostly in the town centre – 21 monkeys, and also around Bartestree (where he lives) and to the north, south and east of the postcode area. Jeff has also spotted monkeys in Malvern (next postcode alone), and has some in Bromyard to ‘catch’ too. As you can see from the above map, the western area of HR looks fairly monkey-free, but I’m sure Jeff will be along to hunt there when he has time.

And here’s a close up of the town centre of Hereford, with an excellent spread of monkeys, but especially concentrated in the east of the town.

14.06 HR town map


And remember if you want to see the blog posts which feature the individual trees, you can see the whole HR catalogue listed individually – here – this database is slightly behind the ‘paper’ database, but regularly updated.

And here’s Jeff’s latest find.



Yes, I had to look twice at this photo to ‘spot the monkey’, but it’s there. It’s one of those back garden monkeys, which are often a bit tricky to catch!

HR37, St James Close, Hereford.

HR37, St James Close, Bartestree, Herefordshire.

But, yes, this is definitely a monkey and the latest in HR. Well done Agent Jeff! Looking forward to more monkeys.



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