Liverpool 69

Ronnie arrived home the other day and said, ‘I have a gift for you.’ And I was delighted to received this gift:



‘I’ve found the Calderstones monkey,’ Ronnie said. I’ve known for a while there was a Calderstones monkey after finding a this lovely photograph of it covered in snow – on flickr. I couldn’t visualise where it was in the park, but it was on my list of monkeys to find. I do think the one covered in snow looks a bit bigger than this tree… so perhaps there is another one – if you know, do let me know.

This tree is actually located opposite the herbaceous ornamental border which runs along the perimeter of the gardens with the benches, and it’s planted amongst some other trees. Not an ideal monkey location.

L69. A bit cramped.

L69. A bit cramped.



We have both observed that monkey hunting is more tricky this time of the year when broadleaf trees are in full leaf, so well spotted Ronnie. And he also revisited another monkey, one of my early monkeys, up at Allerton Towers – I featured it here.

L10, Allerton Towers.

L10, at Allerton Towers, visible on the horizon through the pillars.



L10 looking lovely on a summer day, with a group of people having a picnic in its shade. Just lovely.


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