Parkgate and Neston

Yes, it is exactly the sort of place where you’d expect to find monkeys. Parkgate and Neston. Parkgate being the ‘port’ bit, although the estuary silted up now, and Neston the little town up the hill. And between the two a maze of ancient houses and old walls… looks ripe for monkeys.

name of road

Liverpool Road, Parkgate/Neston border.

Another sighting that adds to the theory of ‘visible from one direction’ monkeys. So, thanks to a road traffic diversion, a few weeks ago we were driving to Parkgate down this road, which is the road we usually drive up on the way out of Parkgate, Liverpool Road. (On our way to Nicholls for ice cream – obviously).

CH18 parkgate

And on the way I see a monkey – which you don’t see when you’re driving up this road. It’s in the grounds of the Neston and Parkgate United Reformed church, on the corner of Moorside Road.











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