More capital monkeys

Up to now, I’ve only had one ‘capital monkey’, that is a monkey in London. This was sent to me by Agent S in May, and it’s catalogued as ‘SE1’ on Norwood Road in Tulse Hill, South East London. You can see it here.

It’s been filed in alphabetical order – under S – as there were no other London monkeys at the time. But as London covers a large area, it also covers several postcode areas.

London postcodes

So we have WC and EC in central London, and N, E, SE, SW, W and NW. I am delighted to report that I have new agents in several of these areas and so have created a ‘London’ catalogue, with its own page, to catalogue these. You can find the page here.

A note on the catalogue – initially I used an initial of the place name of where a monkey was found, so in Liverpool I used ‘L’ and then a sequential number. However, when faced with a growing number of monkeys in different areas – e.g. Widnes, Warrington – I decided to create a new cataloguing system. So for the monkeys catalogued by me I use the letter or letters of the postcode area the monkey is in and a sequential number. So for the monkeys below which are in postcode area SE1, would have the letters ‘SE’ for reference – but as I have a monkey already from Tulse Hill (in SE24), and it was the first ‘SE’ monkey it was catalogued as ‘SE1’, then the next monkeys in SE will be SE2, SE3, SE4 and so on. So the monkey reference number by me is not the postcode location, but is based on it. And this gives a convenient way to keep track of the total number of monkeys – sees ‘The Catalogue‘ page for full lists.

I wrote about working out the cataloguing system on my post A cataloguing conundrum, concluding that ‘even if the postcode boundaries do not always make logical sense, they do at least provide a system for a way of geographically locating an area.’

So back to the new monkey hunters – my first enthusiastic agent is Agent Millwall MPT. Yes, this agent is a monkey puzzle tree (MPT) representative found on Twitter. She will be sending me more photos from her area, but she also alerted me to this pair of monkeys, in Southwark.


Cllr David Noakes picture of the pair of monkeys – catalogued as SE2 and SE3.

These two monkeys are in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Gardens, a public park on Kennington Road in Southwark. The park was opened in 1934 after the land was gifted to the ‘splendid struggling mothers of Southwark’ by Harold Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Rothermere, named after his mother. The land had previously been the grounds of the Dog and Duck tavern and later the Bethlem Hospital, which relocated to Surrey. The hospital building, built between 1812 and 1814, was mostly demolished, with the remaining building used to for the Imperial War Museum.

These two trees were planted on the 30 October 2004 to mark the 30th anniversary of a young couple’s ‘disappearance’ in Chile in 1974 Jacqueline Drouilly Yurich and her husband Marcelo Salinas Eytel. Part of the Human Rights International Project planting a tree for each and every victim as part of its Ecomemoria campaign, and these were the first in London.

The first tree was planted by Simon Hughes MP and Nicole Drouilly, sister of Jacqueline. She explained:

“Creating monuments like this tells us that justice is not just some abstract concept. It is about real people of flesh and blood and how they are treated. We are making two small physical reminders of people who lived and breathed and were dear to us – reminders that are part of a growing monument to what happened and the need to prevent it happening again. We must establish a system of accountability for crimes against humanity.”

Plaque on SE3.

Plaque on SE2.

The plaque reads:


This tree of Chilean Araucaria was planted in memory of


Disappeared 3oth October 1974

Victim of the Chilean military dictatorship

Human Rights International Project

30th October 2004

Southwark Council

So, two very significant monkeys. (Link to story on London SE1 community website here).

Plaque photo kindly taken by Agent Dragonblaze. She also sent me another photo of the further tree has been sent to me through Twitter.

SE3 another pic

Agent Dragonblaze has sent me further photos of this lovely pair of trees:

SE2 and SE3

SE3 and SE2 (with plaque, details above).

Another capital monkey was sent to me by @EllieS, prompted by Agent Millwall MPT. This one is in Paddington Street Gardens in the City of Westminster.

paddington tree

W1, Paddington Street Gardens.

A plaque in the gardens gives this information about the place:

The Gardens, Paddington Street.

Before passing into the care of the municipal authority in 1885 for use as a public garden this land was known as St Georges burial ground and was so used from 1731 to 1857. The land continues to be consecrated and its present day use and amenities are sanctioned by the church authorities.

So, another very special piece of green space in central London. Thanks to newest agent in Millwall, looking forward to more from that area, and also thanks to @EllieS and Cllr David Noakes. You’re all helping to create a monkey puzzle map of the world!

And when I got the map of London out to mark up these new monkeys, you can see that there rare lots of green spaces even in a city…  so keep your eyes peeled everyone and looking forward to more capital monkeys.

London2 July 2014




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