Dis is Fluffy

Well, I have overwhelmed by the amazing response on Twitter thanks to new and enthusiastic Agent Millwall MPT who is already doing sterling work and I have a bulging folder of monkey photos in different locations to add to the catalogue. Thank you all!

First, I’m going to feature our most northerly (at the moment) monkey. This one is located near Arbroath in Angus, Scotland.

Edwin and Hubble with 'Fluffy'.

Edwin and Hubble with ‘Fluffy’.

Yes, I’d long suspected that people who like monkey puzzle trees are my kind of people. And this is a charming example of a tree with a name – Fluffy, and two ‘mad spanners’ – Edwin and Hubble – who have their own Twitter account. For the monkey puzzle catalogue, Fluffy will also have the reference ‘DD1’, being in the DD postcode area, and is the first one in that area.


And I am delighted to have Fluffy in out catalogue, and the two little dogs as well. Thank you Hubble & da Norty Ed.

DD1 Angus Scotland



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