More SE findings…

Delighted to have received many monkey puzzle trees through the good people of Twitter. The large SE postcode area of London seems to be especially rich and varied – in both monkeys and people!

SE postcode map

As I explained on my previous post, I use the postcode letter or letters – in this case SE – to catalogue monkeys in that area – and then a sequential number. So we’ve already had SE1, SE2 and SE3, and I bring you more SE monkeys.

SE map mps

SE4 in Peckham Rye was sent to me by both Agent Dragonblaze and Agent Millwall MPT.

SE4 Peckham Rye.

SE4 Peckham Rye.



SE4 Peckham rye nunhead

Further south in SE19, we have two monkeys in Crystal Palace Park, hunted by Agent Dragonblaze.

SE5, SE6 crystal palace park two

SE6 crystal palace lgr

And last, but by no means least, we have ‘SE7’ – your friendly neighbourhood MPT in SE1. A proud Millwall supporter.

SE7 Nelson Square, Southwark.

SE10 (originally SE7) Nelson Square, Southwark.*

Agent Millwall MPT tells me that the Gazeteer calls this area West Bermondsey. Agent Millwall MPT also tells me:

“This tree was in fact relocated to make space for a Dickens Memorial for his centenary year in 2012, but not actually publicised till 2013. There was a big local campaign to keep the MPT in situ but truth be told, it has grown beautifully and is looking proud and healthy in its spot behind our local pub, The Lord Nelson, famous for being the first pub to seek horsemeat burgers (horse meat half pounder, no beef, no bull) during the shock horror horse meat scare. “

*Note (4 August 2014), since writing this post and cataloguing Nelson Square as SE7, Agent Dragonblaze has found two further monkeys in Crystal Palace Park. So I have re-catalogued SE7 as SE10, so that the four Crystal Palace monkeys can have sequential numbering. You can read about them here.

So, thank you all SE residents for your willingness to hunt monkeys, and keep up the good work!


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