That makes 232

Yes, thanks to my latest find of monkey hunting friends the catalogue has made great strides both in numbers and also in location – with monkeys far up north in Angus, Scotland, and lots in London…. and these latest findings which bring the catalogue to a staggering 230 monkeys!

First, an update on Buxton. We confidently went there thinking we would find monkeys. And we didn’t, although we did find some SK monkeys in nearby Macclesfield as reported here. Whilst in Buxton we even drove up Green Lane, a leafy looking suburban road that was perfect monkey territory. Well, not one to be daunted by reports of no monkeys, Agent Jeff set off to the virtual world of Buxton to prove me wrong! Thanks to the council notes which contain the details of applications to do any tree work, Agent Jeff was able to locate this monkey in – of all places – Green Lane!

SK4 Green Lane, Buxton.

SK4 Green Lane, Buxton.

Well I can only say, good work Agent Jeff and tip my hat to you!

Agent Jeff also sent another HR monkey in this week. This is HR41 which is in Elton’s Marsh, about 4km north of Hereford.

What monkey?

What monkey?

Look again.

Look again.

Yes a particularly tricky one this. In the back garden of a row of houses just off the A4110, and not visible from the front.

HR41, Elton's Marsh.

HR41, Elton’s Marsh.

This is the sort of dedication we expect from monkey hunters. So good work Agent Jeff!

And over in Wales we have another Twitter person – Agent T – who has provided this lovely picture.

SA2, near Belchfa forest, Carmarthanshire.

SA2, near Brechfa forest, Carmarthanshire.

Our second tree in the SA postcode area – the first one was in Swansea, you can see that here.

SA map

And the final monkey is another SE London tree – seems to be a particularly rich vein of interesting people there who like monkeys. Here’s one on the Bricklayers Arms roundabout, at the intersection of the New Kent Road and Old Kent Road, which brings the SE catalogue up to eight trees.


SE11 (was SE8)*

Thanks to Agent Dragonblaze for that.

*Note (4 August 2014), since writing this post and cataloguing the Bricklayer’s Arms monkey as SE8, Agent Dragonblaze has found two further monkeys in Crystal Palace Park. So I have re-catalogued SE8 as SE11, so that the four Crystal Palace monkeys can have sequential numbering. You can read about them here.

And thanks to everyone who has enthusiastically hunted monkeys to help with this self-imposed task of mine to catalogue them all. That makes 232. Good work!


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