Virtual agent

I am very lucky to be assisted by Agent Jeff in a mission to find and catalogue monkeys. Agent Jeff was the first agent I found, in deepest Hereford, thanks to a connection through Allerton cemetery, where there are 13 magnificent monkey puzzle trees which you can see here.

Jeff not only hunts out monkeys in his home ground but keeps his eyes peeled wherever he travels, and he also hunts them in the wee small hours – thanks to the good offices of Google. He even gets family members hunting as well! Good work Jeff. His latest findings are here.

First up, from his cousin who visited Ardchattan Priory Gardens, near Oban in Argyll.

PA1, Archattan Priory Gardens.

PA1, Archattan Priory Gardens.

Their website says: a garden has existed at Ardchattan for over 700 years, since Valliscaulian monks, from a little know order in Burgundy, first settled here, on the north shore of Loch Etive. Facing south, with spectacular views over Loch Etive, one can look east to Ben Cruachan and west to the hills of Mull, the monks chose their site well.

I wondered if this might have become our most northerly monkey, but ‘Fluffly‘ or DD1, over in Angus is just slightly further north.

PA and DD map with pics

Back in the Google world, Jeff sometimes locates monkey puzzle trees by finding applications in council minutes for tree work. Often, as we have seen before, these can be applications to fell the monkey. Which is shocking… and I’m pleased to report that we haven’t seen any applications actually being agreed. In the Walmer Parish Council minutes of 3 October 2006, there was such an application – ‘to fell one monkey puzzle tree’ at Clare Court Lodge and St Clare Road, Walmer. Sensibly, the committee say they ‘would not want to see the monkey puzzle tree lost unless the Ecology Officer deemed it unsafe’. Good.

CT1, St Clare Road, Walmer, Kent.

CT1, St Clare Road, Walmer, Kent.

You might well ask, ‘Where’s Walmer?’ Indeed, I had no idea, but it’s actually in Kent, right on the very edge of the country. Another new postcode area, here:

CT Walmer

We’re off to Kidderminster next, where Agent Jeff has found a delightful duo in Comberton Road. They are in adjacent front gardens.

DY1 and DY2, Comberton Road, Kidderminster.

DY1 and DY2, Comberton Road, Kidderminster.

And they are in yet another new postcode area, DY:

DY postcode map

And lastly, another monkey in Malvern, which proved quite rich for mature trees. Agent Jeff has already sent us five from WR, the first two here, and the rest here. And now a sixth which has the lovely address of ‘Puzzle Tree Cottage, South End Lane, Mathon’.

WR6 at Puzzle Tree Cottage.

WR6 at Puzzle Tree Cottage.

WR6 map

So, good work Agent Jeff, as always. The catalogue now features 246 monkeys, and now in 32 different postcode areas.


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