34 postcode areas

How many postcode areas are there in the UK? No, I had no idea either. Even though I’ve been compiling a postcode map of monkey puzzle trees. Yes, well someone’s got to!


This is the state of play map for July 2014, and I was delighted to report in July that I had over 200 monkeys in 22 postcode areas. Since then, mostly through the new agents found on Twitter, I have been receiving new monkeys on an almost daily basis. I’m delighted to report over 250 monkeys – I’m still cataloguing the latest findings that have been sent to me. And now in a diverse range covering 34 postcode areas. The latest two featured here – in SW and TQ.

Here’s Bective Road, Putney in SW15.

London Bective Road SW15

And here’s the first monkey in the SW postcode area, so becoming ‘SW1’:


SW1, thanks to @coolashaker.

SW1, thanks to @MPT...

SW1, thanks to @SE1MonkeyPuzzle.

Good work there from very enthusiastic Agent Millwall MPT who is doing very good work and linking me up with all sorts of monkey fans. Thank you.

Including this one from Torquay – our most southernly UK monkey:

TQ1, a monster.

TQ1, a monster.


This photograph has been sent in by BARNEY@booboothecocker – yes I have discovered that several dogs are very fluent in Twitter speak. Thanks very much to Agent Millwall MPT for continued enthusiasm and sending monkeys my way – from dogs and humans. Good work everyone!

Oh, and how many postcode areas are there? 121. That means, with 34 already represented in the monkey catalogue, there’s still plenty of unexplored places to find monkeys.


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