Agent C arrives

Birmingham is now firmly on the map!

I was delighted to have a new agent to add to our team here at monkey hunting central! We’re joined by Agent C in the Midlands – who says:

“I was very interested to find your web site, I actually have a phobia of monkey trees and I often check the web for monkey tree locations before we go on holiday so I know which places to avoid! I’ve had this fear all my life and it’s a bit of a standing joke in my family that I have a ‘map of fear’ knowing all the local locations – it also means that I always remember a sighting and there are quite a few local to me.”

So we have a clutch of monkeys from the Midlands – around Halesowen, postcode ‘B’, and Dudley, postcode DY. I do have a ‘B’ monkey – from Birmingham Botanic Gardens, and just two in Dudley, so am delighted to have an agent in the area.

This is the area, west of Birmingham.

DY location postcode

And these are the locations of the monkeys Agent C has sent:

DY and B

DY1 and DY2 were found by Agent Jeff, and you can see them here.

The first monkey from Agent C is in Spies lane, Halesowen – B2. Agent C says this was her dentist when she was a child, which may explain her phobia.

B2 Spies Lane, Halesowen

B2 Spies Lane, Halesowen

Then two nearby in Manor Lane.

B3 Manor Lane, Halesowen.

B3 Manor Lane, Halesowen.

B4 Manor Lane, Halesowen.

B4 Manor Lane, Halesowen.

And a fine pair (depending on your point of view) in Bromsgrove Road.

B5 and B6, Bromsgrove Road, Halesowen.

B5 and B6, Bromsgrove Road, Halesowen.

And nearby in the Dudley postcode area we have another huge tree.

DY3, Ashfield Crescent, Dudley.

DY3, Ashfield Crescent, Dudley.

DY4 is also huge, and has branches all the way down which makes it look pretty frightening.

DY4 Adams Hill, Clent, DY9

DY4, Adams Hill, Clent

And, Agent C’s final monkey – for now – is from Witley Court, so in the WR postcode area.

WR7, Whitley Court.

WR7, Witley Court.

I’d never heard of Witley Court, it’s about ten miles south west of Kidderminster. Today it’s a ‘spectacular ruin’ in Worcestershire, but was once one of the grand houses of the Midlands and has been owned by the Dudleys. It was damaged by a fire in 1937, and never renovated as a house, but the remains of the mansion and its landscaped gardens – containing huge stone fountains – is now a visitor attraction. It is now managed by English Heritage. Agent C thinks there are three of four monkeys there (to be expected), and sent the photo of the one above.

Witley Court, painting by William Andrews Nesfield 1880

Witley Court, painting by William Andrews Nesfield 1880

The most famous fountain is the Perseus and Andromeda fountain – just visible on the painting above – which is fully restored and ‘carved from Portland stone and made to rival anything Italy could offer and said, in its day, to sound like the roar of a steam engine when it was fired.’

The Perseus and Andromeda fountain.

The Perseus and Andromeda fountain. Image from English Heritage website.

The monkey at Witley Court is WR7, Agent Jeff had found some great mature trees in WR in nearby Malvern, and you can see them here.

So thanks to Agent C for additions to the B catalogue, the DY catalogue and the WR catalogue. We look forward to more contributions from your part of the world. Good work!


4 thoughts on “Agent C arrives

  1. There’s another Halesowen monkey in Hunnington (see,-2.0527605,3a,75y,268.8h,106.14t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1srDnK7AyGIRq1Q-mzaSr1hw!2e0). Back in the late 80s, the houseowner responded to the local authority’s refusal to grant him planning permission to put up a satellite dish on his house by fixing a 3′ wide white plastic circle with a smiley face to this monkey puzzle tree. It became the local equivalent of the Headington Shark for a while.

  2. I am actually very afraid of monkey puzzle trees! Such an odd fear, amazing to hear of someone else to also have a phobia of them!!

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