Well, it goes like this sometimes

‘Well,’ said Agent Jeff, ‘it goes like this sometimes.’ Indefatigable Agent Jeff in Hereford has found another four monkeys.

Very early on in this blog I suggested my theory of ‘clusters’, as it so often happens that when you find one monkey, there’s often another one or even several nearby. I observed this in Knowsley village – here, around Queens Drive in Liverpool – here, in Grange-over-Sands there were several clusters – here, Agent Jeff has also found groupings like this, he found a clutch in Malvern – here, also in Hale village in Liverpool – here (a particularly dangerous hunting expedition that one).

And Agent Jeff has continually combed his home ground of Hereford for monkeys – in the postcode area of HR he has found 48, and many are in the town itself, as you can see on this map:

Aug 14 HR town map

Jeff was off on unrelated monkey business when he spotted the first of his new cluster in Highmore Street – as he observed it is ‘lopped unfortunately’.


HR45. Lopped.

HR45, Highmore Street. Lopped.

HR45, Highmore Street.

And this is good reminder of the size that monkey puzzles reach – this tree is dwarfing the house and they’ve cut the crown off… which gives it a bush-like appearance. And further up the same street, here’s another one – possibly inspired by this larger one?





Just up the road and round the corner, in Westfield Street Jeff spotted another one.

HR47, Westfield Street.

HR47, Westfield Street.

A very fine monkey indeed, a lovely female tree.



And thinking that was the end of hunting for the day, Jeff then found this one in the back garden of Lyde Street.

HR48, Lyde Street.

HR48, Lyde Street.

So – well done Agent Jeff. Good work as usual, and four more for the catalogue in HR, and the overall UK catalogue is now up to 269 monkeys.

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