York on the map

I am very pleased to have some new monkeys sent to me from York. Thanks to Stephen Hopkins through Twitter. Good work.

York town mapThe first one is second entry to the YO catalogue, you may recall just one other YO monkey over near Pocklington – you can see that here. YO2 is a lovely tree, in a equally lovely garden setting.

YO2 Museum gardens York, Stephen Hopkins

YO2, Museum Gardens York, from Stephen Hopkins.

I’d not heard of the Museum Gardens before – they are a botanic gardens in the centre of York. They contain several historic buildings, including the remains of the west corner of the Roman fort of Eboracum, and buildings dating from the Middle Ages associated with St Mary’s Abbey. A peaceful and serene oasis in the city.

YO2 York museum gardens wide

York museum gardens

York museum gardens.

Update: 2 September 2014, through Twitter, and I have another photo of YO2 from Stuart Ogilvy @ymtgardenwatch, curator at the museum, which was sent to me by Lisa (YorkStories) @YorkStories, who is also keeping her eyes peeled in York!

YO2, observatory and monkey.

YO2: Stuart says, “Observatory and monkey puzzle tree in glorious sunshine.”

And Stephen has sent another monkey also in the city in Grange Street.

YO3, Grange St, York.

YO3, Grange St, York.

Stephen also knows of several other monkeys in York and the area where he lives and works so I’m looking forward to increasing the NE catalogue of monkeys. Thank you Agent Stephen!

A note on the cataloguing system – I wrote about my ‘cataloguing conundrum’ here when I was starting to catalogue numbers of trees outside the Liverpool area. I decided to use the already established postcode boundaries as a cataloguing system. So I use the letter of the postcode area – e.g. for York it is ‘YO’ – and then a number to indicate the total number of monkeys in that postcode area. So the first one is YO1, the second YO2 and so on. This initially can appear confusing as YO1 is not in postcode area ‘YO1’! But once the catalogue is more established – e.g. L77, it makes more logical sense.




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