Monkey count 311

Delighted to be reporting back so soon with increased numbers. A big spike in our NE and YO catalogues thanks to Steve Hopkins through Twitter. Agent S you have earned ‘Agent’ status!!

First up though, another YO correspondent, this is Lisa(YorkStories) who writes about York and she notified me of another city centre monkey in St Mary’s. It’s YO6 here, along with the locations of YO4 and YO5.

14.08 YO wider

And also just visible on this map is Scalby where Agent S has found a veritable cluster, all around the same road, Scalby Road which links Scalby with Scarborough.

YO Scalby

Steve had alerted me to monkeys in Scalby, and due to torrential rain this Sunday was unable to photograph them, but found the images on Google for the catalogue. Good work Agent Steve! He also sent in a clutch of NE monkeys as well from Morpeth and his home town of Cramlington. I’ve added them to our NE map – the red circles are the NE collection Agent Jeff had collected for the catalogue last month – you can see them here.

Agent Steve has found four in Morpeth – purple on the map below, and one in Cramlington (postcode area N23, but catalogue number NE25), in green:

14.08 NE mapAnd more NE findings follow. This is an amazing place I’d never heard of, called Belsay Hall, a 19th-century mansion in the Greek style, which is unfurnished. There is a huge monkey in the garden, probably over 150 years old, but also a little baby nearby, and five other juvenile trees in a paddock, and another young tree on the lawn in front of the buildings – so eight trees in all. A veritable monkey collection in itself!

Belsay Hall

And – last but not least, another new connection through Twitter, and James Hatts sent me this little tree at Kinver camp site in Staffordshire. This is not too far from Halesowen where new Agent C has sent us quite a few trees recently from Halesowen and Dudley – you can see them here. So this makes this little tree in Kinver DY5. Thanks James!

DY Kinver

So good work everyone, and thanks for contributions. Remember – keep your eyes peeled!!

A note on the cataloguing system – I wrote about my ‘cataloguing conundrum’ here when I was starting to catalogue numbers of trees outside the Liverpool area. I decided to use the already established postcode boundaries as a cataloguing system. So I use the letter of the postcode area – e.g. for York it is ‘YO’ – and then a number to indicate the total number of monkeys in that postcode area. So the first one is YO1, the second YO2 and so on. This initially can appear confusing as YO1 is not in postcode area ‘YO1’! But once the catalogue is more established – e.g. L77, it makes more logical sense.


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