This week in monkey world

Yes, one of my great joys are Sunday mornings. This is often when the serious monkeying around happens in this house. It’s time for monkey business!

First, I am delighted to have a monkey from deepest Dorset, from ‘Monkey World’. Yes, the place is called ‘Monkey World’ – you can see their website here – they are an ‘Ape Rescue Centre’ near Wareham. The Newman Agents – my neighbours in Liverpool – were on holiday nearby and good field work by our youngest agents, just eight and four we have this – BH1. Yes, we are in BH, in the Bournemouth postcode are, and this is our first BH monkey. Good work!

BH1 map

Next an update from nearby Torquay. Barney, a cocker spaniel who uses Twitter (really), has sent us two for the TQ catalogue and an updated location for the second one. So this is how Torquay is looking:

TQ map

And I have another canine contribution through Twitter up in Scotland, actually from a pair of dogs Hubble and Edwin, and they’ve been over on the isle of Arran, where they say there are lots of monkeys – although their owners were a bit remiss in photographing them all. But they sent me our first KA monkey, we’re in Kilmarnock postcode territory here, and I found another on Google:

KA Arran map

And of course, a typical monkey week wouldn’t be complete without field work from Agent Jeff in Hereford. And Jeff has surpassed himself this week – and I have so many monkeys from him, that I’m saving his big haul this week for a separate post. But he did find this sad monkey tale. A very brown monkey near his daughter’s house in Reading.

RG3 report

The report here says that the tree is showing ‘significant signs of distress’ and over 70% is brown. Agent Jeff, a very caring monkey hunter, sprung into action and went to find the tree. And it has been very severely pruned.

RG3, Shinford Road, Reading.

But it’s another addition to the RG catalogue, and this is how that’s looking:

AUG 14 RG Reading map

And finally, another new agent out in the field. This is Agent Gemma based in Liverpool, and she’s spotted several up around Poulton-le-Fyle. I’ve only been able to locate one so far from her sightings, but I’m sure more will follow. So another postcode area, here we’re in FY:

FY map

So good work everyone! And watch this space for another 13 monkeys in one location…. to follow shortly.




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