The only tree is the Monkey Puzzle

Monkey hunting continues all over the UK and I am pleased to report the following finds. First up in the CH catalogue. Both these monkeys were discovered whilst on funeral business, in fact CH22 was actually sent to me by a member of a family I took a service for, so thanks very much to D for taking the time to do that for me. Both these trees are in Moreton, the north of the Wirral where I don’t have many monkeys so am pleased to add these to the CH catalogue.

CH map with Moreton

Next, up in Galashiels – yes a new postcode area. And strangely the postcode for this area is TD, yes nothing like the word ‘Galashiels’… but then I guess they can’t all conveniently use the same letters, so Glasgow, Gloucester, Guildford and Guernsey have bagged the ‘G’ postcodes. Mostly though postcodes do follow the name of the area they cover, the exceptions that I can see on my list being TD for Galashiels, UB for Southall and ZE for Lerwick.

So here is TD1:


This monkey was sent to me via Twitter through a contact of our Millwall agent and is at Manderston, in Duns.  Undiscovered Scotland on their website – here – describes Manderston as ‘remarkable’. It’s certainly a very grand house, built in 1790. One of the owners of the house – Sir James Miller – renovated the house in 1901 and when asked about costs, his reply was that it “simply didn’t matter”. ‘And so, ‘the opulent nature of the project was reflected in the installation of the world’s only silver staircase.’ Wikipedia tells me that the house also contains the world’s largest collection of Huntley & Palmers biscuit tins, dating back to 1868 – no doubt due to its current owner being Adrian Palmer – of the Palmer family. I bet he doesn’t do the hoovering…

A bit further south we have another York monkey, thanks to Lisa @YorkStories for this one, bringing the York catalogue up to 11.

Sept 14 York town map

Moving further south and we are in my home territory of L. Pleased to have found two new monkeys here, both in areas of Liverpool that are under-represented in our catalogue, in Roby and in Litherland – L79 and L80 on the map here:

14.9.2 Liverpool map

L79 on Pilch Lane is a youngster and has a nearby youngster nearby L65.

L Huyton map

And L80 is one of those ‘finds’ that happen when you have to take a diversion. As work continues on the ‘new road to Thornton’, as I call Broom’s Cross Road, I drive a different route to the crematorium to avoid the traffic jams at Switch Island. I passed through Litherland and happened to notice two sets of rather grand gate posts on Gorsey Lane, both called ‘Litherland Park’, looking much like Cressington Park here in south Liverpool. I planned to return, feeling sure there would be monkeys there… and when I googled, was immediately rewarded with a house for sale in Litherland Park with a monkey in the front garden!

L Litherland map

So, there may well be more in Litherland Park, but for now that’s our L catalogue. Moving cross country now into a new postcode area – HD. Agent Jeff received an advert for this hotel in West Yorkshire – Bagden Hall, only to spot a monkey in the photograph. This is in Scisset, near Denby Dale, which is a stones throw from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, which used to be Bretton College, where I was a student in the 1980s…. many years before I was spotting monkeys.

HD1 map

And over in GL, Agent Jeff’s sent our 17th monkey in the GL catalogue:

GL Toddington update

And in his home territory Agent Jeff is now up to 55 in the HR catalogue:

14.9.2 HR wider map

We’ve got some more in NP next, firstly an update to the Dukestown cemetery. Having found the very comprehensive website of Tredegar, with lots of information and photos, Agent Jeff noticed that the photos of the Dukestown cemetery actually contain two monkeys, not one as previously reported, and even carefully matched the shadow of the tree next to the ‘other’ monkey to confirm the two trees – good work! So here are the two Dukestown monkeys, NP1 and NP2. I have re-catalogued the previous NP2 which was in Rhymney cemetery, so the two Dukestown monkeys are consecutive.

NP Dukestown

Whilst hunting down monkeys in NP, Agent Jeff – diligent as ever – has also found three more NP monkeys. Whilst hunting South Wales cemeteries, Jeff found a monkey in Pontypool, NP5. He then went on to discover some favourable monkey attitudes from Monmouthshire County Council. In a Memorandum (does anyone still write them?) dated 11 February 2011 – here – you can see that various trees are up for felling, which includes two lawson Cypress tree, an immature Dawn Redwood, a Horse Chestnut, a Laburnum, and a Monkey Puzzle. To which the (correct) response from the tree officer is:

 “In my opinion the only tree that would merit a preservation order is the Monkey Puzzle, which makes a significant contribution to the local landscape.”

Hear, hear!

NP5,6,7 map

And finally, this last weekend I spent a few days in the delightful company of a Walking Women holiday down in Froxfield, which is on the Kennet and Avon canal, on the edge of Wiltshire on the border of Berkshire, an area of the country I was unfamiliar with. So no monkeys to report from wanderings around the canal, Hungerford, Great Bedwyn and Littlecote House… but on the way home I drove back along the A4, and passed this monster just before Chippenham and have found it on Google to report here. Another new postcode area – SN (for Swindon) – and so SN1 completes our round up of monkeys for now. The total monkey catalogue at a staggering 358! Good work everyone.

SN map


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