Yup. 370 monkeys in the catalogue… we’re planning to reach 500 by Christmas, so keep keeping your eyes peeled everyone! Here’s the latest ‘batch’. First from my trip down to the ‘soft South’ (as reported on Ronnie’s blog here), and on my way I drove through Gloucestershire, and saw this one in Staunton.

GL18 Staunton

I took a photo of this tree – GL18 – but the light was rather grey, so I also found the tree on Google, and as it happens it was exactly four years ago, so you can see the growth it’s made and how it’s developing a more rounded shape, rather than the pyramid shape of a juvenile tree. It’s also producing cones now and is a male tree. It was next door a particularly attractive building, The Prince of Wales pub, which was, sadly, closed down.

Up to Scotland next. And a new postcode area, DG, Dumfries and Galloway.


Thanks to Matthew Pottage on Twitter for this lovely photograph. I have visited Logan back in 2003. I didn’t recall the monkey (well, I wasn’t cataloguing them), although this one is a lovely big tree. Matthew said, ‘I’d love a garden with a mature Punkey Muzzle!’ Logan is a lovely garden, a very special place, more so for its very isolated location. Logan is also a very exotic garden and has plants from South and Central American, Southern Africa and Australasia. This is only possible by the gulf stream and also it has a large shelter belt of trees. I was very inspired by the garden when I visited, and especially the Gunnera bog – I went back to Liverpool and planted my own. This is how it looks this year.

Plot 44, September 2014.

Plot 44, September 2014.

Matthew also shared a photograph of a Wollemi Pine at Logan – it’s a really lovely example, and of course being a relative of the monkey puzzle deserves a mention here. Matthew didn’t say how tall the tree was, but I’m guessing from the film clip I found that it’s around 9′ (2.7m). My own Wollemi Pine is a smaller specimen, also a Plot 44, and is looking very fine this year. I planted it in 2012 in memory of my dear friend Rachel, who was Australian British living in New Jersey. She was a keen gardener, and was looking forward to visiting Plot 44, but sadly never made the trip. She died of metastatic breast cancer age 41.

DG1 wollemi

Next a selection of monkeys from our most determined monkey hunting agent in Hereford – Agent Jeff. Jeff gets all over the country and has contributed many monkeys to the catalogue, and here’s his latest finds.

First up in Cumbria, and another new postcode CA, Carlisle. These are in the village of Hayton, to the east of Carlisle.

CA MAPMoving south we’re back in Jeff’s home territory and the HR catalogue is now up to 57. Good work Jeff!

14.09 HR56, 57 area map

HR57 has been very well spotted as it’s in a back garden – the house is for sale if you’re interested….

Back to the Crewe area, postcode CW. I’d already hunted CW1 and CW2, Jeff has now added two youngsters CW3 and CW4. And I found another CW monkey on this aerial photo of Great Moreton Hall – I’d planned to visit but read that the parkland and garden is not open to the public. The house was built in 1841, the Blore family has made their great wealth from cotton. They used the architect who had built Buckingham Palace – so obviously money not in short supply, and hence also a very fine monkey which no doubt dates from around the 1850s.

14.09.12 CW3-5 mapAnd back into the NP area next. Jeff had very successfully found a number of monkeys in graveyards in this area, and the neighbouring postcode CF. Whilst hunting he also found other monkeys in NP, and his latest one is in Chepstow Cemetery, which is quite difficult to spot from the road – now NP8.

14.09 NP8 map

And over in Monmouth Cemetery, Jeff didn’t find any monkeys, but found a monkey in a garden nearby – NP9.

14.09 NP9

So, that’s our latest monkeys bringing catalogue up to 370, and in 47 postcode areas.


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