‘A rather nice pair’

The world of Twitter has really opened up the catalogue of monkeys no end… which I am delighted about. I was asking if anyone had photographs of the ‘magnificent collection of monkey puzzles’ at Sewerby Hall – discovered by a chance conversation Agent Jeff had with his daughter’s friend (yes, no-one is spared our obsession of seeking out all known monkeys!). Whilst asking if anyone had photographs of these at Sewerby Hall (and yes someone is sending me some), I was notified of ‘a rather nice pair’ that Agent Sew has spotted in Derbyshire, in Matlock Bath to be precise. I’d never heard of Matlock Bath, and this means we have not one in a new postcode area, but two. Good work Agent Sew!

DE1,2 Bath Matlock map

DE1 (pictured above) and DE2 (not visible in the photograph above) are in the front garden of a guest house just on the main road. In fact, the house is for sale and the estate agent’s blurb even mentions the monkeys:

Built with elegant Georgian style dating from Matlock Bath’s heyday as a spa resort… the house’s distinctive experience is further highlighted by mature monkey puzzle trees to the forecourt…

On the website of the guest house – Ashdale Guest House – they say that Ashdale is known locally as the house with the monkey-puzzle trees. And so these photographs are from the estate agent and Ashdale’s websites. I particularly liked the idea of sleeping in a bed with a monkey puzzle tapping on the window!

DE1,2 mp

And, yes there’s even more. Not only did Agent Sew send these most excellent links, she also sent me photographs of the monkeys from over 100 years ago.

DE1,2 old photos

The street view above is from Google which shows the pair of monkeys in front of Ashdale. Both the old photographs are from the most excellent website – The Andrews Pages.  In the 1908 photo below to the left you can see two monkeys – both juvenile. And in the 1913 photo you can just see the smaller of the two monkeys, which is either DE1 or DE2 as seen today – I would think DE1, the slightly larger of the pair.

The information on the website says of the 1908 photograph that the larger monkey visible is no longer growing today, but there are two specimens nearby (DE1 and DE2). They also say there was another one on the Promenade near the War Memorial.

So, a lovely glimpse into the past and really fascinating to see the young monkey puzzle trees and how they look today.


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