The latest clutch

Well the monkeys keep coming and it’s great to have the catalogue fast approaching 400.

I was delighted to received some images from some very eager spaniels up in Arbroath. Yes, it’s amazing but these two little doggies are very keen monkey hunters, and spotted three in Arbroath Western Cemetery, but told me they felt sure there were more. And, they were right – from Google I have been able to identify a further three, so six in all. Good work.

DD Arbroath cem

Our first two sightings in DE were in Matlock Bath – you can see them here – and here’s another DE from Agent Sew. It’s in the garden of Lindup Cottage near Rowsley.

DE3 map

A first for Kingston – KT1, from @coolashaker on Twitter. Thank you.

KT1 map

And an ‘interesting find’ in NE by Agent Jeff. On the Monumental Trees website there are nearly 18,000 trees worldwide on their register, which are added by anyone who fancies it. I’m not quite sure if they’re trying to amass a database of ‘monumental’ trees – i.e. large trees. They say:

Trees around us can be remarkable because of a number of reasons: some can be very large, others are old or simply very beautiful.

Anyway, I’m obviously there a specific reason, and for Araucaria araucana there are 41 trees listed in 12 countries. 37 of those trees are in Europe, and 15 in UK and Ireland.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.57.01

Agent Jeff is off up to the NE area so he was having a look for any other trees to hunt… and sure enough found two on the ‘monumental’ database – the one at Saltwell Park, which he has already photographed – NE6 with an estimated height of 14metres (46feet), and he also found a younger tree nearby NE7. Also listed on the database is a tree in Kendal Crescent in Gateshead, although no measurements for it are given. Jeff found the tree on Google, saying ‘it’s only little’, which indeed it is… and we both had a little smile about its ‘monumental’ status! Anyway, you can see it on the collection below at the bottom of the image – NE26.

14.09 NE map ALL

Whilst in the area, so to speak, Jeff also found NE27 over in Hexham, picture to the left of NE26. And in the next postcode area south, Durham, Jeff found two very fine monkeys in Shotley Bridge, close to Consett. The Consett Iron Company was one of Europe’s largest ironworks, so I am guessing the monkeys here represent wealth from industry – they are both large mature trees. After the Bessemer process for steel making was discovered in the 19th century, The Derwent Valley was no longer the centre of steel making and the industry moved to Sheffield.

DH map

Agent Jeff continues his hard work and is in Bedford next – virtually anyway – where he finds an application for the felling of a monkey puzzle tree in Bedford, made in August 2006.  The decision is ‘DEL’ which is a bit ambiguous as it means ‘Delegated Application’, so it’s unclear whether this tree was felled or not. But intrepid and determined as ever, Agent Jeff delves into Google – only to find the tree doing very well in 2012.

MK1 map

Back in Jeff’s home patch of HR he’s found this one at Stockton Bury Gardens, making the HR catalogue now with 58 monkeys – so catching up with ‘my’ home patch of Liverpool which is at 80. (Not that it’s a competition!)

14.09.22 HR58 area map

And finally, last but by no means least, another one for our SE catalogue, SE13 at Little Heath. The SE catalogue is proving to be a very fast growing catalogue, and this is another from Agent Dragonblaze.

14.09.22 SE13 all mp

Thanks everyone for your hard work and contributions to Monkey Map!


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