Good news. Crossed 400.

I’ve got a good clutch of monkeys to show you now. But also, very pleased to find that the catalogue has now reached 404 monkeys.

First Agent Jeff on his home ground, bringing HR up to 59. Still behind L!

14.10.03 HR59 area map

And how is L doing? Well, thanks to @rozpen on Twitter, who sent me this latest one which was in the street where she grew up in Charlwood Avenue, and we’re now up to 81. Although sightings have slowed down in the L area… I wonder if we are nearly at full capacity here?

14.10.07 L81 Liverpool

Next we’re a bit further north in Southport, with PR postcode. Spotted whilst on funeral business, during an evening last week when it was too dark to photograph, but found on Google. Turns out it’s actually quite near a lot of other monkeys.

14.10 PR15 Southport

Now we’ll go ‘over the water’ – as we say in Liverpool –  to the Wirral. And a Wallasey monkey – CH24 – found by Ronnie during a ramble, it’s on Mount Pleasant Road, at number 67, although strangely the house next door was 151. And another one nearby which I spotted driving up Upton Road (which I must have done growing up on the Wirral in the back seat of the family car, or even cycling, and never noticed this very fine monkey) – CH25.

14.10.03 CH23 24 map

Down to London next, enthusiastic Agent Dragonblaze keeping her eyes peeled as usual, and spotted two, a juvenile and a baby, in the ‘parklet’ in front of The Old Vic. Good work.

14.10.07 SE15 all mp

And more from Agent Jeff, who revisited one of the earliest monkeys feature on the blog – in the Elan Valley in Powys. The post about that is here – a very strange location, it turns out it’s actually the Claerwen Valley and there are two trees not one – just visible on the photograph below. And Jeff also spotted another on the way home in Rhayader. Good work.

LD map update


And our final three from Agent Jeff are in Worthing, so a new postcode area BN. All from Google. Thanks Jeff. Good work everyone!

14.10 BN Worthing


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