And a moving monkey

Catalogue is now at 486. I’ve been using all my spare time to get the pictorial catalogue updated – you can see that here. This is how I am cataloguing the monkeys now – every monkey is available to view individually. You can also sort by postcode or the Agent who found the monkey. As the collection approaches 500 monkeys I needed a way to have the monkeys stored in a more accessible way – there’s about 200 already catalogued there and the rest are following in batches during my ‘monkey time’.

So – latest finds? Well down in the ‘NG’ area, a first, there’s NG1 in Sutton-in-Ashfield, spotted by me as dusk was falling, I returned to Google and found an image from three years ago.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 12.33.22

More additions are in my home territory of ‘L’ – L81 in Charlwood Avenue in Huyton (thanks to @rospennington), and also two in Halewood – L82 and L83 (which is enormous and how on earth have I never noticed it?), and a south Liverpool monkey – L84 – that I didn’t know about in Cheyne Gardens (thanks to the family of Cliff for that).

I’ve also started cataloguing ‘The Kent Collection‘, Bridgette Ashton’s collection of 103 trees in, er, Kent. They cover five postcode areas – four in ‘DA’ (Dartmouth) are catalogued, followed by the five in ‘BR’ as well. As I mapped these I was surprised to find how close ‘BR’ is to ‘SE’ where two very active Agents have sent me plenty of monkeys – I’ve marked Crystal Palace Park on the maps below with a star, which was home to a lovely collection of monkeys (thanks to Agent Dragonblaze). No surprise then to receive another BR monkey – BR6 – from Agent Millwall MPT who operates mostly in the SE area. Good work!

BR map nov 14

Bridgette Ashton also sent me a photograph of a lovely monkey in Plymouth – PL1 – Bridgette has her own personal collection of 10 saplings which she germinated herself from seeds from this tree.

PL1, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Photo: Bridgette Ashton

PL1, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Photo: Bridgette Ashton

Moving from Plymouth to Inverness. IV1 has for some time now been the ‘most northerly monkey’. As you can see – monkeys are pretty thin on the ground in this part of Scotland.

IV Scotland map

However, a new contact – and grower of monkey puzzle trees in Scotland – got in touch recently, and he shared the location of several monkeys in his home town of Inverness. He also told me about Strathpeffer, which was a Victorian spa town, and – as we’ve seen in Matlock Bath and Great Malvern in England – these towns often have a rich legacy of monkeys. Strathpeffer is no exception – Agent Gregor tells me there are about a dozen… I could only find six using Google, they are all lovely mature trees, and all on the catalogue to view if you search on IV – so please do update me if there are more. This now includes IV11, currently the most northerly monkey.

And finally, the Hattersley monkey – SK5 – a moving monkey. Agent Simon sent me this story about a monkey that had been planted in a front garden in Garnett Road in Hyde. The houses, part of the Hattersley estate, were demolished in 2008.

Garnett Road

The ‘Hattersley monkey’ remained a treasured local landmark. Tesco – that well-known regeneration agency – were granted permission to develop the site, and the monkey has been relocated across the road to a green space on Ashworth Lane. I hope it will be very happy there.

SK5 being moved.

SK5 being moved. Photo by Sithenah.



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