Catalogue contents cross 500!

I am delighted to be so ably assisted by such keen and enthusiastic monkey hunters across the globe. Agent Simon, in the Shropshire area, emailed me this week to say he’d been on a monkey hunting expedition in the WV area and hoped that with his findings the catalogue would get to 500. Well thank you Agent Simon – indeed it has.

Simon has sent me a very detailed email with 15 WV trees – our first in that postcode area. They are in the following locations:

WV overview map

The first three trees, WV1 – WV3, are in West Park, on the edge of Wolverhampton city centre. It was laid out in 1879-81 as a formal municipal park in high Victorian style with lots of conifers and specimen trees – Simon suggests that these three are probably from the original planting, I would agree with that. Nearby WV4 is in a memorial garden laid out just after WW1.

WV5 is interesting – as Simon observed, it’s a large street tree in an interwar estate of private houses, and the tree probably dates from when the estate was built. Interesting to use a monkey puzzle as a street tree – it’s more commonly observed in private gardens, and nearby WV6 is an example of this, probably a similar age. Simon also sent a link to the 1927 photograph of the estate being built – Oxbarn Avenue is clearly identifiable.

WV Oxbarn map

The next ‘clutch’ from Simon are very interesting indeed. The mark the original boundary of the landscaped parkland around Himley Hall, a grand house owned by the Earls of Dudley – they also owned Witley Court, which was featured here on this blog post – with a very fine monkey. Here’s the row of nine:

WV7-15, Hawkswell Rough

A splendid sight! Thank you Agent Simon, a lovely collection of mature monkeys and a great start to the WV catalogue.

I was also pleased recently to receive the first three monkeys from Ireland. I know that the climate of Ireland is very suitable for monkeys to thrive, and in Blarney a keen monkey lover – Raymond – is growing his own collection in his garden and sent me these three photographs:

INT IE Raymond 1-3And other new finds include an addition to the LS catalogue, from Dianne Pedder on Twitter who has ‘owned’ this monkey for 16 years:

LS29 Thorner

And finally, just when you think you can’t find any more in your home patch… here’s two in ‘L’ just by Liverpool’s training ground:

L85 and L86

My friend Bren had overheard someone mention a monkey near Liverpool FC’s training ground in Melwood Road. So we made a detour there on a trip back from Croxteth Hall to get firewood… and duly spotted this big one (pictured on left) in Craven Road L85 (joint credit to Bren). And as so often happens… turned round and there’s another one across the road – much smaller L86. I think it was one of those situations where the big tree was admired and a small tree planted in response. So that’s L85 and L86 in Liverpool – will we make 100 trees in one postcode area?

So thanks everyone for continued enthusiasm and sending your trees to me. See them all here. Catalogue now at 503. Keep your eyes peeled!


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