Monkey map 537 and rising

Latest finds. My favourite doglets Edwin and Hubble on Twitter (yes really) who live in Scotland, have been keeping their owners on their toes and sent me two more lovely ‘DD’ monkeys – they are DD8 and DD9.

The lovely Agent Gemma has been exploring in Cheshire with her newly acquired skill of driving, and found another for the ‘CW’ catalogue – CW10 in Barnton near Northwich.

And Agent Jeff, the ever enthusiastic monkey hunter sends me two international monkeys in British Columbia – INT BC1 and INT BC2. Also, never one to be ‘off duty’ he sent in another from the ‘B’ area spotted whilst taking the shuttle bus to Birmingham airport to go on holiday to Benidorm – B8. No monkeys reported from Benidorm. And another in ‘HR’ his home hunting ground – HR9 in Leominster.

Meanwhile, back at ‘monkey central’, I’ve been continuing my gradual cataloguing of ‘The Kent Collection’, which is Bridgette Ashton’s collection of 103 Monkey Puzzle Trees of Kent – see introduction to that here. I’ve moved on to the ‘CT’ postcode – the third of the five postcode areas in Kent (DA, BR, CT, TN and ME). When I first opened Bridgette’s book, I was immediately drawn to this page – page 81 – as it’s the only page in two colours. And so I started my ‘CT’ cataloguing here, and called this tree CT2. CT2? Yes, because we already had one CT tree in Walmer – CT1, found by Agent Jeff. So here is CT2:

Goodwin Avenue, Swalecliffe.

Goodwin Avenue, Swalecliffe. Or now known as CT2.

In the same road – as often happens – there is another monkey, and that’s CT3. As I looked for these trees on Google (and found them both), I actually spotted another in the vicinity – this is either a ‘back garden’ tree on the same road, or a ‘back garden’ tree in the next road – for the catalogue it’s CT4. In fact, when I looked again at the red and green image above, the tree I am calling CT4 is actually visible above the roof of the house.

CT2-4 Goodwin mapSo we have the following in CT – CT5 (a particularly nice isolated tree), CT6, CT7, and at this point I felt I was doing quite well locating the trees from Bridgette’s book on Google. And then this happened:

CT7A Harcourt Drive FELLED

Yes, a very fine juvenile monkey on Harcourt Drive (and identifiable by the house number on the gatepost) had simply disappeared. And, as you can see from the Google image, the front garden has been completely cleared to provide a car parking area. The close-up of the gatepost is the only bit of the front fence and gate that is identifiably the same.

I then spent a lot of time looking a Google and images like this:

Google Kent mosaic

And frustratingly didn’t manage to find many of Bridgette’s monkeys… but that doesn’t mean they are not still there. So most of the CT catalogue is taken from images from Bridgette’s book, and most of them are catalogued. The Folkestone monkeys are still to be completed.

CT Artist Ashton

So, for the completist – continuing with CT, the links are here – CT8, CT9, CT10, CT11, CT12, CT13, CT14, CT15, CT16, CT17, CT18, CT19, CT20, CT21, CT22, CT23, CT24, CT25, CT26, CT27, CT28. And their approximate locations are here. Folkestone monkeys to follow.

CT overview map

So, that’s it for now. The catalogue is at a very fine 537. And plenty more to come. Keep your eyes peeled and keep sending me your monkeys. Good work everyone.




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