Matthew and the other monkeys

Matthew’s monkeys have added significantly to the catalogue with the monkeys from Hull – as featured here, or the ‘HU’ monkeys. But the collection is very varied, and so here are the rest of ‘Matthew’s monkeys’. There are several monkeys here where the exact location is not know – so if you recognise them please let me know.

First, in neighbouring postcode area of York – YO – there are 11 monkeys in total – with nine of these being in the gardens at Sewerby Hall near Bridlington.

14.12 YO Matt wider

I’m guessing the next few collections of monkeys are from holidays. First there’s a clutch from Cornwall.

PL Matt map

There’s also some in the Lake District – postcode areas of LA and CA.

LA Matt map

LA19 to LA21 are all without exact locations, but I can tell you that LA19 is in a ‘stately home garden’, LA20 is ‘on the way to Scotland’, and LA21 is in a beer garden. There are two more monkeys in Snowdonia (postcode LL), with no location, they are LL3 and LL4. If you know these monkeys let me know where they are… think there’s a bit of a ‘beer garden’ theme going on here with LL4!

LL Matt LL3 LL4

And then the Isle of Man monkeys. Again, no exact locations so if you do know these please let me know.

IM Matt images

Matt pointed out that in IM4 there is a fluffy tiger teddy bear just visible in the lower branches on the left hand side.

And the final monkeys from Matt’s album are various monkeys from all over England, and are catalogued as follows:

BR7, CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4, DN1, DN2, DN3, Edinburgh Botanic Gardens EH1 and EH2, very fine tree GU1 at RHS Wisley in Surrey – where Matt now works, in Holmfirth HD2 and HD3, KT2, LE1, LN1, LN2, LS31, LS32, TW1 at Kew Gardens, and WF1 in Pontefract.

Matt also has a couple of photos on Twitter. Here’s SW2 in Putney, and also a monkey puzzle with crows nest at Bicton  EX1.

And finally, five monkeys from Matthew’s album of ‘unknown location’, which have not been added to catalogue, but are featured here in case you recognise any of them. I particularly like the first one obviously taken by young Matthew from the back seat of a car. I can just imagine the scene, ‘Dad, stop the car, there’s one!’

Matt P unknown

So, that’s the whole of Matthew’s monkey collection fully catalogued. So thanks again to Matthew for sharing all his finds.

Please get in touch if you’ve got any monkeys to add to the catalogue, currently at 675 monkeys.


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