A miscellany of monkeys


Yes, it’s that time of year and so ‘my monkey’, L66 at Plot 44 has had a little embellishment, and Agent Millwall is also in a festive mood:

Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 12.37.48

SE10, Agent Millwall MPT in festive mood

But monkey hunting doesn’t stop just because of festivities… and plenty of monkeys have been arriving to be catalogued. Recent monkeys include the following in Liverpool. My friend Bren had overheard someone mention a monkey near Liverpool FC’s training ground in Melwood Road. So we made a detour there on a trip back from Croxteth Hall to get firewood… and duly spotted this one in Craven Road L85 (joint credit to Bren). And as so often happens… turned round and there’s another one across the road – much smaller L86.

L85 and L86, Craven Road, Liverpool.

L85 and L86, Craven Road, Liverpool.

New agent and Streets of Liverpool photographer Jane McNeill spotted L87 up in Crosby. And Andrew, my favourite urban bee keeper and producer of postcode honey, spotted a poorly monkey on corner of Mab Lane and Princess Drive in L12 – catalogues as L88. Well done for blue sky photo.

L88 Mab Lane, Princess Drive

L88 Mab Lane, Princess Drive

And L89 a first from Patricia from my Homebaked friends in north Liverpool who was keenly trying to find her ‘first monkey’. And it’s a really lovely photo:

L89, Everton Road

L89, Everton Road

Also in Liverpool, how many times must I have driven over the Queens Drive flyover by The Rocket? Only the other morning on the way to Anfield crematorium I happen to glance to my left, only to see an enormous monkey sticking up between the rooftops! Tracked it down on Google -it’s L90 – and went back as a passenger to photograph it:

L90, from Queens Drive flyover.

L90, from Queens Drive flyover.

And also visited the road where it’s located, just off Edge Lane:



And then on my return from Anfield, I also spotted another on Queens Drive in Stoneycroft – right by previously catalogued L5 spotted back in April this year. How on earth did I miss this one?


L91, Queens Drive, Stoneycroft.

Further away from Liverpool there are more recent monkeys. Agent Gemma, who recently took me to Northwich to find the lovely Marbury monkey, often locates monkeys whilst driving (a new skill which she is putting to good use), and sent me the first in BL – so BL1 in Ramsbottom.

Another Homebaked friend – Cathy – was up in Edinburgh recently with her new granddaughter and whilst out with the pram spotted this:

EH3, Stanley Road, Trinity.

EH3, Stanley Road, Trinity.

That’s EH3, a lovely specimen, well done Cathy for finding your first monkey!

Agent Jeff, of course, diligent as ever and has another for our Isle of Man collection – IM7. (The Isle of Man collection having been started with six monkeys from Matthew’s collection).

Lovely agents Dragonblaze and Millwall MPT are always keeping their eyes peeled – here’s SE16 in Consort Road, a ‘beauty’, spotted whilst coming out of Morrison’s, and SE17 in Cleeve Hill Road – actually sharing a garden with alpacas and rams! And Agent Millwall MPT (as pictured above in festive mood) has collected quite an assortment of monkeys through Twitter. First from Ickworth, a house and gardens near Bury St Edmonds in Suffolk there is IP2, with lovely shadow, thanks to @NicMillersTale.

IP2, Ickworth

IP2, Ickworth

And near Brighton the ‘Monkey puzzle lights are going up!’ which is lovely to hear… and would love to see what these illuminations look like. Thanks to Ann Galvin @ElfWorldArtisan for the photo, spotted by Agent Millwall MPT.

BN4, monkey puzzle lights!

BN4, monkey puzzle lights!

And in Gheluvelt Park in Worcester – a new planting of a monkey. Good to see monkeys as municipal tree, WR8. Also spotted by Agent Millwall MPT.

WR8 Gheluvelt Park, Worcester on FB Worcester Parks

And to complete Agent Millwall MPT’s finds we have this also very festive monkey – the best pressie ever I reckon! This is from @oldkentroadtank and is SE18 in the catalogue. Will be pleased to see this youngster when it finds a more permanent home.

SE18 OldKentRoadTank from Twitter copy

Meanwhile Agent Simon – who send a wonderful collection from SY recently (and has sent even more – to be featured soon) pointed out this lone monkey on a hillside in Shropshire, near Linley:

Black Rhadley Hill Photo:

SY18. Black Rhadley Hill. Photo: Dave Croker from Geograph

The caption for this picture reads: ‘The puzzle is, how did it get there? It is the only such tree on the hill side.’ Well, I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do have some more information. From Twitter @fossilplants tells me that: ‘monkey puzzle trees were trailed as forestry trees and given the amount of forest in the background I think this may be a relic from old forestry.’ Agent Simon tells me that: ‘the plantations here date from late 19th century and early 20th century pre-dating the Forestry Commission and the are is part of a country estate.’ So, this could be an explanation.

And finally – talking of monkey puzzle plantations, here is a lovely collection at the Eden Project. Spotted by Agent Millwall MPT this was posted by The International Conifer Conservation Programme (ICCP) with the caption: ‘one of the largest groups of known wild origin Monkey Puzzle trees in the UK’. Lovely.

Eden MPT forest ICCP

So, that ends our festive monkey collection. And will be back with an astonishing find from Agent Simon. Keep your eyes peeled!


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