Everton 2, Liverpool 2

New monkeys abound. Our first monkey of 2015 is L93 in Forefield Lane in Crosby. Well done to Agent Jane who is doing good work up in north Liverpool.

L93 Forefield Lane, Crosby

L93 Forefield Lane, Crosby

And another first – for my friend Carly, who spotted a young tree whilst out walking the pram with her new baby Matilda. She told me she’d seen it in Camp Hill. So, me and Bren duly set off – with our eyes peeled of course – I was sure that it would be located in the sunken garden.

Camp hill 1

But it wasn’t. After a few moments I then remembered the walled garden, yes a secret garden that I’ve hardly ever visited.

Camp hill 3

We slip through the doorway, and here we are in a small neatly tended garden. It has the remains of a floral clock, just visible on the photograph on the left. And, it also has a monkey:

Camp hill 2

L92, Camp Hill garden.

Nestling quite happily in quite an exotic planting with Cortaderia, Phormium and yellow Carex.

Camp hill 4

So well done Carly! Carly has spotted a few monkeys in Liverpool, but so far they’ve always been included already, so this was a first for Carly. So that’s two monkeys in L, the Liverpool postcode. Liverpool is the largest catalogue collection. Liverpool has an awkward postcode boundary shape so is on two maps – most are on the part that I’d call ‘Liverpool’:

15.01.03 L postcode South

And yes, there’s the two in Everton with a grey box – we’ll come back to those. But first, for the completist – here are the rest of the L monkeys – they are north into Maghull, Ormskirk and Burscough, which I think of as Lancashire rather than Liverpool. Interestingly they all straggle along the A59.

15.01.03 L postcode North

That’s not to say there aren’t any elsewhere in that area though…

Anyway, now we’ll go to Everton. I was recently sent a lovely tree on Everton Road by Patricia in north Liverpool – another first for her. I happened to be in the area this week for work, and saw ‘her’ tree. When I got back in my car I looked up and saw another tree in a back garden – L94 – you can see the Everton Water Tower in the background. And L89 was visible from where I was standing. So, a happenstance monkey.


Other monkeys – in Dymock Agent Jeff sent in GL19, and Philip Bucknall on Twitter sent two more for the CH catalogue in Irby and Frankby – CH25 and CH26.

So we start 2015 with 805 monkeys in the catalogue. Good work everyone.


One thought on “Everton 2, Liverpool 2

  1. I think Liverpool is where people speak with a Liverpool accent. And that definitely extends to Maghull, suburban though it is. By Ormskirk the accent is changing though, and you’re definitely in Lancashire.

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