Liverpool top monkey

Yes, it’s official. Liverpool is the first urban centre to reach 100 monkeys! News indeed.

It started with a very excited conversation with a funeral arranger I work with who said, ‘I’ve found one of your trees!’ When she told me the location, I was delighted because I knew I hadn’t got it.


It’s L98, in the centre of the map on Birdwood Road, off Ferguson Road, which is off Queens Drive. This is interesting because it is near to a number of trees I have called ‘the Queens Drive cluster’, with L1 (a grey blob on map) being the first I spotted in Liverpool. L1 was, and I say was as it was been felled last year, a mature monkey, and it was interesting to find a number of juvenile monkeys in the area around it – presumably ‘inspired’ by the mature tree. L2, L3, L4 and L5 were my first ‘cluster’ finds, L91 was spotted only recently. So L98 joins the ‘Queens Drive cluster’ and well spotted by S and her son.

L98, Birdwood Road

L98, Birdwood Road

Next, Agent Jeff told me about a monkey on Woolton Road – which is almost unbelievable as it’s about 100 yards from where we live, and in a road I’ve probably driven down at least four times a week in the last year.

L99, Woolton Road

L99, Woolton Road

Jeff has captured the monkey during the little snowfall we had. And no doubt much of the year this monkey is obscured by the tree in front of it, hence not having been spotted before. So good work Agent Jeff!

And, as I was driving up to Bootle last week I couldn’t believe my eyes as I came down Southport Road and spotted a monkey just off the roundabout on Aintree Road. On my way home, I made a diversion to photograph it.

L100, Aintree Road

L100, Aintree Road

Obviously much loved, this monkey has had a Christmas star on it, which is still visible.



So there we have it – 100 monkeys in the L postcode. How does this compare to the other postcode areas? Well, SY is currently at 78 (although of course this was boosted by an avenue of 39 trees, but they all count), HR is at 71, and CH is at 64 – but all have active monkey hunters and more monkeys are regularly spotted.

So Agent Jeff (in HR), Agent Simon (in SY), and Agent Philip (in CH), thanks for all your stirling work and look forward to reporting another ‘100’.


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